Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) Therapy

Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) therapy originated from acupuncture and acupressure originating from Chinese medicine. Acupuncture and acupressure appeared in September 1991. When Erika and Helmut Simon were out for a walk they found a corpse that was still intact and submerged in a glacier (a river with temperatures below freezing). On the body of the corpse there are tattoos that mark the main points of the body’s meridians. After being tested with a “carbon dating test”, the body is thought to be 5,300 years old. Acupuncturists argue that the tattoo points are made by ancient acupuncturists who are very competent, because of their accuracy and complexity.

In 1964, George Goodheart, a doctor specializing in chiropractic (massage of the spine to treat various physical ailments) began researching the relationship between the strength of muscles, organs and glands of the body and meridian energy. He developed one method, which is to diagnose disease by touching the body’s muscles (muscle testing) which is currently called applied kineslogogy. According to him, disease disorders that occur in a person have an impact on the weakening of certain muscles and become the center of the body that is sick. This principle was further followed up by a psychiatrist who is an expert in holistic medicine, John Diamond, who is one of George Goodheart’s students.

The next period appeared John Diamond. He was one of the pioneers to write about the relationship of the “body energy system” to psychological disorders. This concept underlies the birth of a new branch of psychology known as energy psychology. A breakthrough that combines the principles of eastern medicine with psychology. This theory uses body energy to influence thoughts, feelings and behavior. This energy psychology became the foundation for the birth of Tought Field Therapy (TFT), which was pioneered by Roger Callahan.

Roger Callahan is known for the controversial therapy that stirred the world of psychotherapy, namely Tought Field Therapy (TFT).

Starting in the events of 1980, Roger Callahan was trying to help his client, Marry with complaints of intense aqua phobia (very afraid of water). Callahan, who studies the body’s energy system, tries to practice it by tapping with his fingertips under the eyes of his patients who have a phobia of water. It was so surprising that for about 1.5 years he treated patients with various methods and now the patient reports that he is no longer afraid of water and even fully recovered after that. It is proven that the TFT method is able to cure emotional disorders instantly. Because of his success, Callahan made a diagnostic tool for body energy system disorders (voice technology) and was first purchased by Gary Craig, who is now famous for his Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

From Gary Craig, the term EFT was born. He simplified TFT to become an easier technique but still effective results. His persistence in searching for the simplest method brought him to Callahan’s invention, namely TFT. At that time he spent USD 110,000 to be trained directly by the inventor and bought a TFT voice technology device. However, Callahan’s method was still complex and impractical, so he was called upon to simplify it so that this valuable discovery could be understood by the layman. So EFT was born from the work of this Maestro. EFT is a method of getting rid of psychological problems so that you are free to have, do or be whatever you want.

Gary Craig recognized EFT as the simplest and most effective healing method, but it was not in the hands of Steve Weels. He uses the EFT technique even further, namely, to increase peak performance and now Stave Weels is an international speaker and consultant in the field of peak performance and is a bridge to the creation of SEFT (Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique).

Although SEFT therapy is a method that was born from EFT therapy, the two have several differences, including:

a. Based on basic philosophy

EFT therapy assumes that healing comes from myself (self centered). While SEFT therapy assumes that healing comes from God (God centered).

b. Based on set-up

EFT therapy when set-up says “Even though I am sick… I accept myself completely…”. While SEFT therapy when set-up said “Oh my God… even though I’m sick… I sincerely accept my illness, I leave the healing to You…”.

c. By tune-in

On EFT therapy when the tune-in mentions the details of the problem. For example, this headache, this pain, etc. Whereas in SEFT therapy, when the tune-in is not too focused on the details of the problem, just do 3 things at the same time, namely: Feel the pain, focus your mind on the place of pain and let go and leave the healing of the pain to God.

d. Based on the attitude when tapping

In EFT therapy, tapping is done in a relaxed atmosphere, because the focus is on oneself. While in SEFT therapy, tapping is done with full confidence that healing comes from God, sincerity, sincerity, resignation and gratitude.

Based on the description above, it can be seen that the Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) therapy is derived from the refinement of previous therapies. Starting from the discovery of a tattooed corpse, the points in the tattoo were recognized as acupuncture and acupressure points. Then continued by George Goodheart who managed to find applied kineslogogy. The next period appeared John Diamond who gave birth to psychological energy. This energy psychology became the foundation for the birth of Tought Field Therapy (TFT), which was pioneered by Roger Callahan. From Roger’s findings, Gary Craig managed to find the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Then Gary Craig’s findings were developed by Steve Weels to eventually become a bridge for the creation of SEFT (Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique).

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