Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) Therapy

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Scope of SEFT Therapy

Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) therapy is a therapy using simple movements to help solve physical and psychological pain problems, improve performance and achievement, achieve peace and happiness in life. The series that are carried out are the set-up (neutralizing negative energy in the body), the tune-in (directing the mind to the place of pain) and the tapping (tapping lightly with two fingertips at certain points on the human body). This therapy uses a combination of psychological and spiritual energy systems, so that SEFT therapy is not only a healing method, but also automatically enters the individual into a spiritual space that connects humans with their God.

In this SEFT therapy, the basis used is psychological energy and spiritual strength. Psychological energy, as a system that is often practiced in clinical and post-disaster situations, as a basic treatment. The peculiarity of psychological energy is that the fading of one’s associations facilitated by manual stimulation of acupuncture or related points is believed to send signals to the amygdala and other brain structures that rapidly reduce hyperarousal. When the brain reinforces a traumatic memory, new associations (to reduce hyperarousal or non-hyperarous) are suppressed. This, will result in a faster and stronger treatment. By being able to reduce hyperarousal appropriately to a targeted stimulus, many aspects of various problems will be identified.

Spiritual power in SEFT therapy aims to connect humans with their God. The treatment that combines spirituality is called spiritual therapy. Spiritual healing is actually the result of spiritual study and understanding. That is, the expansion of self and self-realization, the development of human nature, the unfolding of the qualities of existence as a unit by the universe, the culmination of human consciousness and developing a greater understanding of the so-called “truth” of life. The whole action of the healing process is to change consciousness, which results in a change in something and a change in form. Unenlightened human belief that one must strive for good, manipulate to achieve something. This shows, that the intelligent mind will achieve it. The higher spiritual view is the human consciousness that needs to adjust to the real way of life in its “absolute” and pure nature. This spiritual view acquires a genuine sense of wholeness that underlies all existence, encompassing every cell, tissue, organ, function and action of the human physical body. This is what is called the divine pattern or archetype which is the basis and fundamental structure of human beings.

Thus, it can be seen that Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) therapy is a therapy using light tapping using the fingers at certain points to help solve problems of physical and emotional pain. Where this therapy uses a combination of psychological energy systems and spiritual powers. The body’s energy system will be re-flowed by tapping and one’s spirituality will be revived when tapping is in progress, so that both physical and psychological problems will disappear.

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