“Darsana Keesaan”

ISBN : 978-623-92502-0-1
Year : 2019
Language : Indonesian
Content : 609 pages (total)
Size : A5, HVS paper
Cover : Soft-cover
Publisher : MahaMeru Bali
Price : Rp. 220.000

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About Darsana Keesaan

The Darsana Keesaan (Oneness) book is a thorough investigation of the ideology that underlies the practice of meditation and yoga as a means towards attaining an expanded state of consciousness, that consciousness is the fundamental reality on which all creation is based. The only difference between matter, energy and dualistic awareness is at each level.

What the author tries to point out in this book is a model of non-reductionist awareness behavior as the basic things of the cosmos to explain as much as possible aspects of the conditions of consciousness and the principles that underlie the physical world occur as necessary consequences of the natural characteristics of the inner consciousness.

Thus, the model that the author conveys will certainly bridge the disciplines of psychology, modern science, Hindu teachings, and yoga philosophy. The depth of knowledge contained in this book provides techniques covered in ancient Vedas such as Tantra, Mantra, Yadnya, Self-Reflection, Meditation and various types of Yoga that have been passed down for centuries from teacher to student.

This Darsana Oneness book is the author’s attempt to keep valuable traditions alive and to spread spiritual messages further into the reader’s mind. The author seeks to present the synthesis of various pathways to attain awareness in a scientific and systematic way to ensure the harmonious development of every aspect of yoga. Through practice, this book is also for developing body health, peace of mind and

mental stability, intellectual clarity and knowledge of higher spiritual awareness, a state in which a person is useful for himself and for humanity. The author also tries to present this book in such a way as to explain insights gradually and progressively through practices that can be applied in everyday life.

The integration of theory and practice is a way to develop a new and simpler view of life that seems complex: a new awareness. Every person is a unit consisting of body, mind and soul consciousness. Most evolutionary systems handle one of these aspects and ignore or reject other aspects.

With this in mind, the authors in this book try as an integral approach to one’s natural life that makes it possible to carry out the inner transcendental journey towards the harmonious union between the Individual Soul and God to achieve Self-Realization.