Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) Therapy

Relationship between Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) and Anger Levels in the Elderly

Old age is a period when a person experiences a setback or a decrease in some abilities in themselves. One of them is a decrease in emotional ability, the elderly with poor emotional abilities will have difficulty in overcoming the changes that occur in themselves and their environment, so that they will bring up negative emotions in the form of anger.

The new circumstances and situations will test the ability of the elderly to deal with pressures due to the physical and social psychological changes they experience and the ability to achieve harmony between demands from the environment without causing new problems.

The existence of bad feelings that must be faced by the elderly such as feeling left out, feeling no longer needed, an illness that does not go away or the death of a partner will cause insecurity, depression, fear and anger so that the elderly find it difficult to solve a problem and make adjustments in the environment. environment.

The purpose of self-adjustment in the elderly here is the ability of the elderly to deal with pressure due to the physical and social psychological changes they experience and the ability to achieve harmony between the demands of the environment, which is accompanied by the ability to develop appropriate psychological mechanisms so as to meet their needs without causing new problems.

One of the efforts that can be done to reduce the level of anger in the elderly is the Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) therapy. Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) therapy is a therapy using simple movements to help solve physical and psychological pain problems, improve performance and achievement, achieve peace and happiness in life.

The series that are carried out are the set-up (neutralizing negative energy in the body), the tune-in (directing the mind to the place of pain) and the tapping (tapping lightly with two fingertips at certain points on the human body). This therapy uses a combination of psychological and spiritual energy systems, so that SEFT therapy is not only a healing method, but also automatically enters the individual into a spiritual space that connects humans with their God.

In this SEFT therapy, the basis used is psychological energy and spiritual strength.

Furthermore, Freinstein and Gallo in Zainuddin explained that an imbalance of chemicals in the body will play a role in causing various emotional disorders such as depression, stress and anger. In addition, disturbances in the body’s energy also have a major influence in causing emotional disturbances.

Gary Craig in Sugeng says:

“All negative emotions are caused by the disruption of the body’s energy system.” The body’s energy cannot be seen with the naked eye, but a disturbed body’s energy system can be felt through emotional outbursts or pain in certain body parts.

Therefore, by correcting disturbances in the body’s energy system, negative emotional outbursts or pain will disappear on their own or will get inspiration about problem solving.

Interventions in the body’s energy system can change the chemical state of the brain, which in turn will change the emotional state. (Einstein’s theory says that every atom in every object contains energy [E=M.C2]. Money, books and so on include the physical body, emotions and thoughts are energy). This happens because in essence the human hand contains electromagnetic energy, every cell and organ in the body also has electrical energy. Electrical energy also flows in the nerves, so that the electric energy field surrounds the organs and the entire human body.

In SEFT therapy, it is stated that there are 18 points which are the keys to the body’s energy. These 18 key energy points of the body are called “the major energy meridians”. If the flow of this energy is obstructed or chaotic, emotional disturbances or physical ailments arise. This happens because there are three things in the body’s meridians, namely: energy, information and intelligence.

In practice, SEFT therapy deals directly with “disorders of the body’s energy system” to eliminate negative emotions. You could say SEFT did a “short cut” by cutting the link right in the middle. Simply re-align the body’s energy system by tapping, then the negative emotions that are felt will disappear by themselves. In addition, SEFT therapy also adds prayer and spirituality to healing.

Prayer and spirituality affect health, so if the energy of psychology and spirituality is combined, it will get the amplifying effect. Based on the explanation above, it can be seen that there is a relationship between SEFT therapy and a decrease in anger levels, because SEFT therapy works on the basis of psychological energy and the power of spirituality. Psychological energy conditions in a person’s body are influenced by the body’s energy system.

Where the body’s energy system is closely related to the chemical conditions of the brain associated with a person’s emotional state. If the body’s energy is disturbed, there will be an imbalance of brain chemicals. This will make a person experience emotional disturbances such as anger. So to reduce the level of anger needed a method that is directly related to the body’s energy system.

SEFT therapy comes with a method that directly deals with the disruption of the body’s energy system to eliminate negative emotions. SEFT therapy performs a “short cut” by cutting the link right in the middle to realign the body’s energy system. In addition, SEFT therapy also adds prayer and spirituality in the healing to get a multiplier effect.

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