Breaking Away from the Endless Cycle of Karma

The term "Karma" appears frequently in various philosophical and religious writings. Indeed, it has been discussed so often by the Sages and Yogis that many consider it an imaginary stumbling block on the path of spiritual salvation. All Masters, from a lower level or from a level of ascent, speak of liberation through action without clinging and craving for its fruit or results. The mind is accustomed to tasting the fruits of its actions. How do you break this habit? Sadhana (i.e. mental and physical practice) can be used as an instrument to discipline the mind to some extent. But in the long run, the mind's habit of enjoying its experiences will show itself. The mind can give up worldly pleasures only when it has higher pleasures. Saints have experienced an even more wonderful pleasure which is ecstatic bliss - through contact with the Word of God (OM). After being absorbed in th... Detail

Health and Stress Control with the Power of the Mind

Health includes all parts of us, we are not only the physical body but also mental, emotional and social. These aspects affect our health, just as food affects our health - so our social life affects our health, if our attitude is inactive our health will also suffer. We all know stress is bad for us, stress is a mood, an emotion, a feeling - the kind of intangible but it affects our health - as well as ... Detail

Philosophy as the Way to Happiness

How can we use philosophy and wisdom to "live better"? and how can we practice the art of living the good life? Is there an approach to life that can help us "thrive"? Philosophy may be a tool to help us find a sustainable path of happiness and develop skillfully. We learn the true purpose of philosophy and how we can apply it to our lives so that we can find a more sustainable and skillfully developed p... Detail