Uddhava Gita, Wejangan Terakhir Shri Khrisna

Many of us may not have heard about Uddhava Gita. It is also called as the final sermons of Lord Krishna before he departed for His heavenly abode. Krishna says that he has completed his goal during this incarnation and that he is wanted back in His place. During his final moments, Krishna gives advice to his devotee Uddhava. One can call it as an advanced version of Bhagavad Gita. Uddhava Gita also forms a part of Srimad Bhagavata. The emphasis of Uddhava Gita is more on self-realization and surrender to God. Uddhava Gita begins with a scene in Dwaraka. All the Gods headed by Indra come to Dwarka. They pray to Krishna to return back to His supreme abode. He asks the elderly persons surrounding him to leave Dwaraka on a pilgrimage. Uddhava also wants to go with Krishna. Krishna did not agree with Uddhava and here Krishna’s teachings begin. His teachings are addressed to Uddhava, it is ... Detail

Develop a Success Mindset

People know what success is and who are successful. But they may not be able to tell you clearly who is a successful person and what constitutes success. You will know in the later part of our discussion why people have such difficulty in defining success. For now, let us focus on what mindset success means to different people. Mindset is an interesting concept. The mindset in a very general sense means ... Detail

Hasta Yoga Mudra Guides

Hindu mudras and yoga have been popular in the East for more than 4000 years. But they are still relatively unknown. In this guide, I will fully reveal everything there is to know about the movements of the hands and the spiritual body position of this mudra. The purpose of the article with this guide is to present the main guide and list of mudras of hand (hasta mudras), including Hindu mudras, yoga mud... Detail