Warna Kosmik

Cosmic Spiritual Color

Cosmic manifestations of the One Life-Principle are sent forth in the form of Light-waves, and surround us all in a symphony of color, as the visible expression of our Creator and the Divine Mind.  Each of these super-physical Rays of Great White Light which emanate forth from Eternal Being holds within itself all the range of color-vibrations.  These in turn act as streams of vital force of immeasurable and infinite power, each having both a particular and a general function. Color is a quality of light, a mode of light-vibration, defined as luminous radiant energy, and does not exist apart from light.  In the Cosmic Force are light rays of a much higher order and power than those reflections which are visible to us in the form of colors, though color is itself a cosmic force of certain power.  Radiating as it does from the Central Sun like a great ocean of light, it has been cal... Detail

Self-harmonization Astrology

Modern Astrology Spiritual

Astrology may in many respects be viewed as the spiritual genome of the human consciousness similar to the physical genome which has been coded from the information within the double helix of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which lies at the root of the cellular structure and contains the information necessary for Nature to evolve a separate and unique organism in accordance with the chemical sequences encoded ... Detail
Mind Balance

Attention in Meditation

It is very important to be familiar with the awakening factor of Investigation of experience. This means whatever arises, whether it is any of the Five Hindrances, an emotional state, or a physical feeling, our impersonally examine how this arose. How the process actually works is the most important thing to observe, and seeing it with interest is very important. This is done by not getting involved with... Detail