Prana Distribution and Transmission

This physical body is a storehouse of pranic energy, a dynamo, with infinite types of electrical currents passing throughout. The ordinary eyes see this body as a combination of flesh, blood and bones, but yogis and scientists have seen a great force behind this physical body. The prana of the body is more subtle than the nucleus of an atom, and we have not yet been able to harness it. For most people, prana means breath, oxygen, ions and so on. But scientific experiments are coming closer to the truth. Scientists are discovering the energy link between the physical and psychic bodies. They have arrived at the conclusion that energy or pranic force is convertible into material force and material force is convertible into pranic force. You know the famous equation of Einstein: E = mc2, that is, the matter is energy in its potential state. There is a small scientific experiment which we... Detail

Oneness Realization in Daily Life

In the book "Darsana of Oneness" has been much explained about what path and how to unity with the Universal (God Almighty). Various ways and prayers are offered daily to the Creator of this universe. But how do we understand Him? To whom do we pray? The great professors of ancient times who put forward the system of devotion to God think of a principle that can be adopted in the concept of God, while we pr... Detail

Develop a Success Mindset

People know what success is and who are successful. But they may not be able to tell you clearly who is a successful person and what constitutes success. You will know in the later part of our discussion why people have such difficulty in defining success. For now, let us focus on what mindset success means to different people. Mindset is an interesting concept. The mindset in a very general sense means ... Detail