Processing the Flames of Soul for Self-inquiry (Atma-vichara)

Self-inquiry (Atma-vichara), is considered the simplest and most direct path to Self-realization. However, Self Inquiry is also very subtle and can be difficult to achieve even after years of practice. It depends on great powers of concentration and sharpness of mind along with a strong longing for liberation. One might say metaphorically that Self-Inquiry requires a certain flame. It requires that we ourselves be a flame and our lives an offering to it. Without such an inner fire, self-realization can elude us no matter what we may try. Therefore, it is important to view Self-Inquiry not only as a mental exercise but as an energetic movement of consciousness like the emergence of a great fire. Reality and Appearance Appearance is never reality and reality never appears. They are two different dimensions altogether. Whatever appears is bound by duality and relativity, whereas rea ... selengkapnya

Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) Therapy

Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) therapy originated from acupuncture and acupressure originating from Chinese medicine. Acupuncture and acupressure appeared in September 1991. When Erika and Helmut Simon were out for a walk they found a corpse that was still intact and submerged in a glacier (a river with temperatures below freezing). On the body of the corpse there are tattoos that mark the mai ... selengkapnya

Relationship between Breath, Sound and OM̐ in Meditation

When we meditate, we don't sit in empty silence because that won't return us to the eternal awareness of the Soul. Instead we must have the right inner environment for the return to occur. This is provided by two things: OM̐ and breath. So important is this, Just as the infinite Akasha, the omnipresent matter of this universe, so this Prana is the infinite and omnipresent power of manifestation of this ... selengkapnya

The Infinite Resonance of God’s Reality

One of the most important universal principles, which is evident and embodied in all spiritual traditions in its different forms is resonance, the true ideological and practical extension of the well-known phenomena of Physics. It is common knowledge that the term "resonance" comes from the Latin "resonare", which means to reverberate, to vibrate. Consequently, resonance is the process of initiating or i ... selengkapnya

Life Sciences, as a comprehensive education

The essential or basic process of "Life Science" is the attempt to make the body, breath, speech, and mind really well trained. Without the facts of understanding this basis, we cannot get the right medicine. When the healing tools themselves become damaged, how can they have a healing effect? Body, breath, speech and mind - these are the four elements that can heal. But problems arise when they are sick ... selengkapnya

Illusion is the main barrier to wisdom

Wisdom is the means we take to escape ignorance - and ignorance is our ordinary way of life, the way of suffering. So wisdom is our Way Out. After all, ignorance is our way of knowing best, our daily way, the wrong pursuit of all that brings us sorrow and misery, conditions we tend to naturally encounter. Our egoism leads us there, as does our anger, our cruelty, our lust, our ignorance, and our inabilit ... selengkapnya

Ida and Pingala Nadis in modern psychology

Yoga describes the subtle human structures, based on the pulse system, the structures that allow a deep understanding of human existence in its entirety and give us the techniques we need to transform us and be balanced, and healthy from all points of view. look. The Nadis Are the Arteries of the Energy Body Nadis are subtle subtle channels through which energy flows to every part of the subtle body. The ... selengkapnya