Jiva is Reflected Consciousness of Brahman

The consciousness that we think of our Self, is not pure awareness. What we experience as consciousness is Reflected Consciousness, which is awareness in our mind, and has different names such as Chitchaya or Chidabhasa. I can move around, do physical action. I can sense and perceive the objects around me – I can see, smell, hear, taste and touch. I can sense the motion of my breath and pulse. I can think, feel, understand and reason out through my mind and intellect. So, ”Yes, I am aware.’ So is this awareness a pure consciousness or what we know as Brahman? A person with some level of exposure to Vedanta would say ; ‘Yes – I can observe my body, my prana, and even what goes in my mind and intellect, and hence I am aware. This awareness may not be my permanent state, but it is the pure consciousness.’ The Kena Upanishad points out: It (Brahman) is Known to him to who ... selengkapnya

Insights of the Rishis and Scholars on Sleep and Dreams

Our biological time cycle through the day is not simply a physical movement but reflects an inner movement in consciousness. It is not defined by mere physiological energies but is ultimately connected to inner powers of eternity, from which we gain our capacity to renew body and mind. Our biological clock reflects the movement of the Sun outwardly, as we wake in the sunlight in the morning and go to sleep ... selengkapnya

Seven Consciousness Dimensions of the Mind

Dimensions are a positive and helpful way of looking at life and understanding the experiences we have on the inner path. By identifying experience as being in one dimension or another, we can know each moment that we are in consciousness, and that knowledge is the control over consciousness we need to continue our ascent upward to the more subtle. Our every moment flows through all dimensions. They are all ... selengkapnya

Processing the Flames of Soul for Self-inquiry (Atma-vichara)

Self-inquiry (Atma-vichara), is considered the simplest and most direct path to Self-realization. However, Self Inquiry is also very subtle and can be difficult to achieve even after years of practice. It depends on great powers of concentration and sharpness of mind along with a strong longing for liberation. One might say metaphorically that Self-Inquiry requires a certain flame. It requires that we ou ... selengkapnya

Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) Therapy

Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) therapy originated from acupuncture and acupressure originating from Chinese medicine. Acupuncture and acupressure appeared in September 1991. When Erika and Helmut Simon were out for a walk they found a corpse that was still intact and submerged in a glacier (a river with temperatures below freezing). On the body of the corpse there are tattoos that mark the mai ... selengkapnya

Relationship between Breath, Sound and OM̐ in Meditation

When we meditate, we don't sit in empty silence because that won't return us to the eternal awareness of the Soul. Instead we must have the right inner environment for the return to occur. This is provided by two things: OM̐ and breath. So important is this, Just as the infinite Akasha, the omnipresent matter of this universe, so this Prana is the infinite and omnipresent power of manifestation of this ... selengkapnya

The Infinite Resonance of God’s Reality

One of the most important universal principles, which is evident and embodied in all spiritual traditions in its different forms is resonance, the true ideological and practical extension of the well-known phenomena of Physics. It is common knowledge that the term "resonance" comes from the Latin "resonare", which means to reverberate, to vibrate. Consequently, resonance is the process of initiating or i ... selengkapnya