Relationship between Breath, Sound and OM̐ in Meditation

When we meditate, we don’t sit in empty silence because that won’t return us to the eternal awareness of the Soul. Instead we must have the right inner environment for the return to occur. This is provided by two things: OM̐ and breath. So important is this, Just as the infinite Akasha, the omnipresent matter… Detail

10 Phase of Meditation Practice and Development

Each stage of meditation has its own distinct characteristics, challenges to overcome and special techniques to overcome these challenges. The stages mark a gradual increase in the ability of a meditator. When a meditator makes progress, there will also be Four Achievements that divide the Ten stages of meditation into four different parts. This is… Detail

Buddhi Yoga in Bhagavad Gita

Buddhi Yoga takes an important place in the Bhagavad Gita. Buddhi is one of the functions Antahkarana, the ‘internal organ’, which is composed of buddhi (reason), manas (mind), Chitta (memory) and ahamkâra (‘I’-sense). In order to function correctly and impartially this ‘reasoning’ reason has to take into account many different data of experience, for the… Detail

Hasta Yoga Mudra Guides

Hindu mudras and yoga have been popular in the East for more than 4000 years. But they are still relatively unknown. In this guide, I will fully reveal everything there is to know about the movements of the hands and the spiritual body position of this mudra. The purpose of the article with this guide… Detail

Hamsa & Soham Shiva Mantra

The Hamsa is one of the key concepts in Vedic, Yogic and Tantric thought. Along with the Kundalini, it holds many secrets of deeper Yoga practices. Indeed without understanding the Hamsa, the Kundalini force cannot likely be properly developed or understood. Haṁsa means swan. Hamsa is formed from two words haṁ and sa. This is… Detail

Opens Universal Thoughts

The mind of an individual is a part of the cosmic universal mind. We must understand that our individual mind is part of the universal mind. The space in this room is an individual space, but it is also a part of greater space. Because you have four walls around it, you call it your… Detail

Soul of Light

Concentration in Meditation

Concentration in meditation is the path to success. Concentration leads to meditation. Improve the mind on an object both inside and outside the body. First, cleanse the mind through the practice of correct behavior and then practice concentration. Concentration without purity of mind is of no use. There are some occultists who have concentration. But… Detail

Bhakti Yoga in Uttara Kanda

Bhakti Yoga in Uttara Kanda

In Uttara Kanda, the last chapter of Ramacharitamanas, Kaka Bhusundi, the enlightened crow, is explaining to Garuda, the king of birds, the distinction between Jnana and Bhakti. We saw that the lamp of consciousness was lit by buddhi, the higher mind, with the flame of the fire of yoga, thus illumining the heart space so… Detail