Life Sloka | Sacrifice

Maha Yajna

Maha Yajna has been widely reviewed in various Hindu literature. In the early Vedic religion, the rituals of Yajna were the only means to achieve the four aims of human life. The emphasis was mainly upon the ritual knowledge as contained in the Samhitas and the Brahmanas. Although Vedism began with a clear emphasis upon… Detail

Life Sloka | Yantra Energy

The Sacred of Yantra or Rerajahan

Yantra, in Bali  known as “Rerajahan”  is the same thing containing the occult from Tantric teachings. Yantra is the Sanskrit word for ‘ a machine’. The yantra is the language of unconscious or the dialogue between unconscious and the universal consciousness. Few yantras have been known to deflect negative energies and black magic. Such Yantras… Detail

Balinese Ancestors | Life Sloka

Offerings to Honoring ancestors

Honoring ancestors with altars, shrines, prayers and rituals is certainly not new. For many thousands of years, indigenous peoples across the globe have designated special spaces and places to express sacred connections to their roots. It is only more recently that the practices of ancestor reverence have returned to our modern Western culture. Some of… Detail

Shadow of Life | Life Sloka

Life Reflection on Puppet Shadow

Religion is never merely metaphysics. For all peoples the forms and objects of worship are suffused with an aura of deep moral seriousness. The holy bears within it everywhere a sense of intrinsic obligation: it not only encourages devotion, it demands it; it not only induces intellectual assent, it enforces emotional commitment. Whether it be… Detail

Balinese Religion | Life Sloka

Balinese Life

The basic principle of Balinese religion is that the highest belief of “Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa” (God Almighty) and has been passed down to people with holy beliefs. Thus the Balinese seem to devote most of their time to a series of worship, attaining enlightenment, purification, performing yadnya processions, and ceremonies in sustainable shrines that… Detail