5 Skandhas Forming Personal Development

We all know that we have psychological thoughts and experiences, but who are we really? How does the mind work to shape our experience of our world, the experience of feeling our life? Psychology examines our daily experiences of clarity and confusion about our thoughts and self. Our earliest sense of self shows “5 Collections… Detail

Healing on the Spiritual Path

When using spiritual recovery to overcome illness, a person will focus on restoring harmony to strengthen the health of his entire body, heart and mind. In modern society, we expect improvement. Western medicine is approved for people undergoing surgery, drugs and other medical interventions. If we have a bacterial infection, medical drugs will certainly provide… Detail

Knowing the Truth through the 5 Darsana Life

A person should have a scientific temperament in exploring the truth and must also have a religious attitude in valuing the knowledge contained in the scriptures because religious knowledge cannot be verified and validated by science or by any other physical means. Truth is vast. Truth is infinite. You cannot measure it with one instrument… Detail

Overcoming Sadness & Adversity

Suffering forces change and free itself from the habitual movement of the mind. Suffering and awareness of suffering pushes beyond the comfort zone and counteracts the forces of life that are destructive and unstable or seek lasting solutions to the problem of suffering. Without suffering, it is difficult to undergo change or the possibility of… Detail

Oneness Realization in Daily Life

In the book “Darsana of Oneness” has been much explained about what path and how to unity with the Universal (God Almighty). Various ways and prayers are offered daily to the Creator of this universe. But how do we understand Him? To whom do we pray? The great professors of ancient times who put forward… Detail

Develop a Success Mindset

People know what success is and who are successful. But they may not be able to tell you clearly who is a successful person and what constitutes success. You will know in the later part of our discussion why people have such difficulty in defining success. For now, let us focus on what mindset success… Detail

Happiness Psychology

Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is a positive emotion that we experience in the form of joy, satisfaction, inspiration, pleasure, encouragement, excitement, enthusiasm, pleasure, pleasure and so on. When happy, we feel good, blessed, and at the top of the world. We feel filled with energy and enthusiasm. We live with greater confidence… Detail

Self is the Source of Medicine and Disease

Healing is an insider’s job. This means that the most important components for healing, such as life force, harmony, regeneration, and improvement, are not given to us by others but come from within. This is the basis of healing the body’s mind. The innate healing power of the mind is part of our birthright and… Detail