Life Sloka | Mental Struggle

Self Freedom

When someone speaks of Freedom, what he generally has at the back of his mind is freedom from particular conditions or certain relationships which he finds irksome, which prevent him from enjoying what he desires. But there are innumerable things in life which are unwelcome and come up at sometime or other. Even if there… Detail

Self Confidence | Life Sloka

Self-Confidence Awareness

People often think that success should generate confidence. Yet some of the most successful people remain insecure about their achievements and always afraid of losing ground. Some successful people never able to enjoy their success. Some successful people are haunted by fear of failure. Some people whom others would call successful still call themselves unsuccessful…. Detail

Wisdom Element | Life Sloka

Wisdom Development

We all experience challenges in our lives, and probably most of us feel we have learned something from the challenges we have encountered. Some people learn things that make them wiser over their life course while others become (or remain) rigid, bitter, depressed, superficially content, or overly self‐involved? Little theoretical and even less empirical work… Detail

Self Transformation | Life Sloka

Transformation into Happiness

To our hallucinated mind it looks like all our day- to- day happiness and problems, every hour’s, every minute’s, even every second’s happiness and problems come from the outside. But in reality, they come from our mind, from our concepts. They are the results of actions, karma, done in the past. Of the two components… Detail

Devotion of Love

In the Gita there is mention of Gyan Marga (the path of knowledge) and of Bhakti Marga (the path of devotion) for attaining communion with God. But as already mentioned by Lord Krishna has given preference to devotion. Action, knowledge and discipline are practices of attaining communion with God. But devotion is both a practice… Detail

Love Everything | Life Sloka

Love is a blessing

If you want to have love for somebody, remember Him sweetly This is the way the Saints develop that love within us. Our angle of vision will be altogether changed. The more we come in contact with the Light and Sound Principle within us; we’ll have all that. These are elementary steps. The more you… Detail