Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) Therapy

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SEFT Therapy Techniques

There are two versions of doing SEFT. The first is the full version and the second is the short-cut version. Both consist of three simple steps, the difference is only in the third step (the tapping). In the compact version, the third step is performed at only 9 points and in the full version tapping is performed at 18 points.

The three simple steps are as follows:

1. The set-up

The set-up aims to ensure that the flow of our body’s energy is directed properly. Steps taken to neutralize “psychological reversal” or psychological resistance (usually in the form of spontaneous negative thoughts or negative subconscious beliefs).

For example: (I am sad because I am often angry). The sentence that must be said is, “Oh my God…..even though my head is dizzy because I am often angry, I am sincere, I surrender completely to You”

The set-up consists of 2 activities. First, is to say the sentence as above with full sense of humility, sincerity and surrender 3 times. Second, is while saying with feeling, pressing the chest precisely in the afternoon spot (pain point = the area around the upper chest which if pressed feels a bit painful) or tapping with two fingertips on the karate chop.

After pressing the pain point or tapping the karate chop while saying the set-up sentence as above, we continue with the second step, “the tune-in”.16

2. The tune-in

For physical problems, doing a tune-in by feeling the pain experienced, then directing the mind to the place of pain, accompanied by heart and mouth saying: “O Allah, I am sincere, I surrender…” or “O Allah, I sincerely accept my pain. Here, I leave to You my healing.”

For emotional problems, tune-ins are done by thinking about certain specific things or events that can evoke negative emotions that we want to eliminate. When there is a negative reaction (angry, sad, afraid, etc.), our hearts and mouths say, “O Allah… I am sincere.. I surrender”. Simultaneously with this tune-in, we perform the third step, namely tapping.

In this process of tune-in coupled with tapping, we neutralize negative emotions or physical pain.

3. The tapping

Tapping is tapping lightly with two fingertips at certain points on the body, while continuing to tune-in. These points are the key points of the major energy meridians, which if we tap several times will have an impact on the neutralization of emotional disturbances or pain felt, because the body’s energy flow runs normally and is balanced again.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points of the major energy meridians SEF:


Tapping Point he major energy meridians SEF

  1. Cr = Crown: At the top point of the head (the crown).
  2. EB = Eye Brow. At the upper point of the beginning of the eye
  3. SE = Side of Eyes. Above the bone next to the eye.
  4. UE = Under Eyes. 2 cm below the eyelid.
  5. UN = Under Nose. Right under the nose.
  6. Ch = Chin. Between the chin and the bottom lip.
  7. CB = Collar Bone. At the right end where the sternum, collarbone and first rib meet.
  8. UA = Under Arms. Under the armpit in line with the nipple (men) or right in the middle of the bra strap (women).
  9. BN = Bellow Nipple. 2.5 cm below the nipple (men) or at the junction between the breastbone and the bottom of the breast.
  10. IH = Inside Hand. On the inside of the hand that borders the palm.
  11. OH = Outside Hand. On the outside of the hand that borders the palm.
  12. Th = Thumbs. The thumb is on the outside of the underside of the nail.
  13. IF = Index Finger. The index finger is on the outside of the bottom of the nail (the part facing the thumb).
  14. MF = Middle Finger. The middle finger on the outside of the bottom of the nail (the part facing the thumb).
  15. RF = Ring Finger. The ring finger on the outside of the bottom of the nail (the part facing the thumb).
  16. BF = Baby Finger. Little finger on the outside of the bottom of the nail (the part facing the thumb).
  17. KC = Karate Chop. Besides the palm, the part we use to break blocks during karate.
  18. GS = Gamut Spot The part between the extension of the ring finger bone and little finger bone.

For the compact version, tapping is only done on the first 9 points (procedural gamut) in the table. As for the full version after completing 9 gamut of procedures, the last step is to repeat tapping from the first point to the 17th (ends in karate chop) and ends by taking a deep breath and exhaling while giving thanks.

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