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Meditation is a way to unravel the mysteries of the mind and clear the mind.

This cleansing and purification is very important. For proper and adequate management of all our activities, both repair and diet are required. Meditation is a purification process. Hence, it must be a mandatory component of education. In fact, education can be comprehensive and inclusive only if it also includes spiritual knowledge and training in meditation.

Problems can be solved only if consciousness remains at the center and everything else is on the margins. All of our thinking must be directed towards determining the effect an activity or action will have on consciousness. What may seem beneficial for a moment may have a devastating long-term effect on consciousness. It is worth reflecting on what the cumulative impact a particular activity will have on consciousness and what its final consequences will be. Such an attitude of reflection is conducive to problem solving, whereas a body-centered attitude inevitably complicates matters. Serving only physical needs and even ensuring intellectual and mental development, however important, is not enough.

Here it is important to remember, that mental development is not the same as competence in solving mental problems. This is not surprising, since mental development largely involves memory acuity and the ability to think and imagine. This in itself cannot ensure the ability to solve mental problems. Moreover, it is also true that these problems become more and more complex as the mind develops.

Nothing in our education today can help people solve this dilemma – the imagination which is at the same time the cause of mental development and mental problems. The inadequacy of the education system in this regard demands greater attention to meditation and spirituality is a mandatory component of the system.

Meditation doesn’t mean just sitting with your eyes closed, or taking a break and relaxing for a while.

We would be wrong to believe that simply preaching can bring lasting change in a person’s character. But by changing the flow of secretions or by restoring the balance of endocrine secretions, the desired results can be achieved. Bad thoughts, however, change the nature of inner secretions. Thus, excessive fear actually irritates the central nervous system and excessive anger renders the glandular mechanism completely damaged. The nerves of the brain are also affected because they are so connected to the mind. There is no shortage of advice regarding the desire to let go of evil thoughts and replace them with virtuous ones.

There is a simple way to change the flow of secretions – using deep breaths. As breathing slows down, consciousness is thrown into the present. Therefore, breathing exercises are the best way to achieve this goal.

After knowing the secret of living in the present, maintaining limited consciousness until now, he will automatically master the art of controlling endocrine secretions. He will be able to change it at will. If he found lust over him, he should immediately start taking deep breaths. Both the pituitary and pineal will be oriented to the present and desire will first weaken and then disappear altogether.

Whatever and how strong the lust or basic disposition may be, it can be successfully and effectively resisted through the use of deep breaths, body perception and concentration on the centers of consciousness, especially the tip of the nose, the center of the eyebrows and the forehead. Endocrine secretions will automatically change.

A right turn of consciousness will change secretions and will in turn change dispositions. For such a complete transformation, we must gain a complete understanding of our mental problem, its nature, its process, its source, the secretions that cause it, and how to transform it. These are all interlocking chains. Once mastered, the person accustomed to meditation becomes the maker of his own personality and determinant of his own destiny. For this it is necessary to learn the art of physical relaxation, stillness, concentration and ‘freedom’ from the mind. Such a state is the highest level of consciousness.

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