Life Sciences, as a comprehensive education

Why is Life Science Important?

The most burning issue today relates to the frenetic and uncontrolled arms race between the great powers. The whole world is in the grip of fear and the greatest need right now is disarmament. Different feelings, attitudes and desires are all weapons. One can then classify the arms into two main types: those associated with material objects (objective) and those connected with attitudes and mental inclinations (subjective). Thoughts given to jealousy, prejudice and lust are the greatest and deadliest weapon. Bad thoughts or bad feelings have a greater capacity for harm than an atomic bomb. If left untreated, this may prove to be the most damaging.

In the family the worst weapon is ambition, unpretentious desire. Most accidents in the family between brothers, fathers and children, husbands and wives have basically the same desire or ambition. When awakened, everything else is secondary, insignificant and irrelevant. This arsenal of thoughts, speech, body distortions, feelings, and ambitions is truly great.

Life Science is the most effective way to get rid of all aberrations physical, mental and emotional. We have to change the current education system by introducing the above concept of spiritual training where students can achieve ‘disarmament’ in its main sense. Let the body, speech, and mind all be cleansed of their transgressions and individuals, families and communities will automatically be cleansed of the poison of hatred, terror and injustice.

If there is no disciplined body, disciplined mind, and disciplined speech, self-discipline is impossible. If there is no proper blood flow in the body, the latter cannot be disciplined. If there is something wrong with the body’s essential ingredients (phlegm, air, bile) or with the intestines, stomach, liver, pancreas, lungs and heart, how can they be disciplined? Only when they are calm can the mind be disciplined. Body and mind are closely related and interdependent, so that for one health, the health of another is a prerequisite. However, more fundamental of the two is the health of the body, the perfect function of the entire physical system. A healthy body ensures discipline.

Spiritual guides in the past found many important ways to discipline the mind. They realized that the most difficult thing was to stop the mind from falling prey to countless uncertainties.

The incessant procession of images in the mind, largely unrelated to real life, is debilitating for the mind and the only way to stop it lies in spirituality.

Spiritual science has discovered a very important method of attaining a kind of mental emptiness – a mind free of thoughts and all kinds of uncertainty – and complete peace of mind. It consists of stabilizing the tongue and vocal cords. Anyone with experience in yoga will also prescribe what is known as a khechari mudra to calm the mind, which requires a fixed retroflex position of the tongue without letting it touch the roof of the mouth or the sides of the mouth. He or she may also suggest pressing the tongue against the roots of the teeth and not letting it move at all and the most experienced yoga practitioner will prescribe kayotsarga or total relaxation of the vocal cords. Even the slightest mental activity is accompanied by a vibration of the vocal cords.

Whenever mental activity gets out of control, yoga requires bringing the chin closer to the laryngeal cavity and pressing the chin firmly against the laryngeal cavity. A five minute exercise of this kind will stop all mental activity.

We noted earlier that the most important goal of education is to instill self-discipline and that can only be achieved through the Life Sciences. If one aims to control body, speech, intellect, mind, and beyond that, the emotional center and apparatus deep within us is only possible through spiritual knowledge. Therefore, the findings of great spiritual scientists need to be considered, analyzed, investigated and tried.

It is in this context that the experiments carried out on the basis of Preksha Meditation are important achievements in modern times. As a result the individual can feel the breath, the vibrations and the electricity along with all his hormones and hormonal changes. Doing this is a great spiritual endeavor – one that strengthens the foundations of self-discipline.

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