Life Sciences, as a comprehensive education

Experiment in Intuition

Like water, meditation cleanses the impurities of the mind, cleansing the dirt that appears daily in the mind. Purification of the mind is just as important as purification of the body.

There are many centers in the body that affect physical health but very few related to mental health. We have neglected this fact because education has conditioned almost everyone to think and believe that all problems are rooted in the material world and therefore solutions must also be sought in the same world. The world of consciousness, according to this point of view, is completely absent or at least insignificant. It is considered irrelevant both as the source of the problem and as the place where their solutions can be found. It is time for us to think about making education complete and whole. That can be done by including Meditation as an integral part of education so that we can look for causes and solutions to various problems both externally and exclusively internally – both the wrong approach – but both externally and internally.

Right now the biggest problem is that we have lost faith in our strength. And the main power that we have lies in our breath.

Intuition requires care. It must be sustained with practice. It is a shame that we have forgotten the importance of practice. The awakening of intuition will result in increased capacity for action and the development of practical power.

The practice of Life Science results in the following three achievements.

  1. Awareness of one’s strength.
  2. Access to development paths socialized by the above awareness.
  3. Learn, practice and experiment carefully.

Once this achievement is achieved, confidence and self-confidence is automatically built.

Social life

If meditation doesn’t bring about change, it won’t be valued as valuable. All actions must be evaluated in relation to society. In this sense, there are neither individual values ​​nor individual norms. By bringing about change in the individual, meditation influences change in society. Here it should be noted that Meditation is a scientific process. It operates on the basis of a cause-effect relationship.

If physiological and psychological on the one hand and meditation or spiritual on the other can be combined, the whole of social life will change. Once physiological and spiritual combine, new consciousness can emerge. Its main goal is the transformation of consciousness. Physiological changes can best serve a therapeutic function. It cannot bring about a transformation of consciousness. Only meditation can do it.

Changes in consciousness lead to changes in behavior. One can become truly nonviolent and non-greedy only after a transformation of consciousness has taken place. Attachment, passion, pride, actually all are lodged in our consciousness.

A person who practices meditation does not look down on others as his slaves. His attitude towards the master-servant relationship underwent a complete change. He overcame the tendency to injure the egos of others. Behind all the fights, whether within the family or between employers and employees or between employers and servants, this tendency hurts one’s ego.

Far-reaching behavioral changes are the result of meditation practice. When meditation takes effect, the mind is cleared of all trash and intuition is awakened.

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