Life Sciences, as a comprehensive education

New Dimensions of Education

Intellectuality is undoubtedly a part of education, but not everything in education.

It must be equipped with a strong sense of social responsibility, humanistic values ​​and character. In fact, mere intelligence can be dangerous. Even those who engage in criminal activity benefit from it and it is for this reason that educated thieves prove to be more skilled and professional. The main problem today is the abundance of intellectuals who are characterless and therefore have lame personalities.

That doesn’t mean underestimating the importance of intellectual knowledge. All that is said is that complete growth requires the support of the proper development of the endocrine system.

Life Sciences, consisting of combined training in the arts of worldly success, spiritual progress, and yoga. Modern education emphasizes physiology, anatomy and psychology. When the six are combined, a complete and complete human development program can be designed. We must instill in it the power of concentration, the power of will and determination.

Education must fulfill all three types of development – physical, mental and emotional. Today we put a lot of stress on the first two and completely ignore the third. Here it is necessary to remember that to achieve integrated development it is not enough to read and quote examples from religious literature. Such reading can inspire but not bring about the desired change – a change in consciousness. Sermons and sermons are unable to achieve this goal for the simple reason that the real carriers of change are hormones and their secretions are controlled, all development will remain partial and one-sided.

Hence the importance of modern Physics and Physiology. It is a firm belief that the findings of modern science should not be ignored in the name of the infallibility of the solutions offered in religious texts.

Ignorance and madness are two different things. The former simply implies a lack of knowledge but the latter affects the behavior and character of the individual. Modern education trains all, its weapon against the elimination of ignorance by flooding the mind of the student with statistical details, but makes no attempt to cure his madness. Such education cannot discipline life. For it to be meaningful, it must be two-dimensional and the two dimensions complement each other. Therefore, it is not in favor of imposing moral education as a separate subject. It must be an integral part of the curriculum. For practical training, special camps can be organized, because what is learned in them far exceeds any theoretical knowledge.

Under practical training, several experiments have to be carried out in modifying the endocrine system. For this purpose, training can first be given to a selected group of teachers. Gradually the coverage can be increased. There are instances of people coming to attend camps and returning home both physically and mentally as a result of the training received. To obtain optimal results, a three-pronged program is required in which simultaneous training must be provided to students, teachers, and guardians. Such efforts are sure to pay off – much more astonishing and long-lasting than that obtained from mere preaching.

Object-oriented modern education; it must be self-oriented. In other words, it should aim at building character. But we believe that mere nerdy knowledge cannot help bring about moral development in students. What is really needed is to know Life Sciences as a branch or part of education. It should enjoy the same independent status as Biology, Physics or Botany. Revolution can occur if Life Sciences is theoretically and experimentally used to awaken consciousness. Education will then produce a balanced individual.

As mentioned earlier, endocrine glands such as pineal, thyroid, and pituitary influence individual characters. Until adolescence or puberty, the pineal remains very active. This is the reason why boys and girls up to the age of 10 or 12 are relatively free of moral contamination. As they grow, the pineal loosens up. If, through this practical means it can be activated, it will produce lasting good. Young boys and girls can then stay clean and disciplined. It is necessary, in addition to education in Physiology, to hold weekly camps for practical training in activating their ductless glands. Ultimately, this will help build a new generation of well-balanced and disciplined people.

A mere textbook or sermon knowledge will not create discipline. Without underestimating intellectual efforts should be made to curb unwanted growth through the activity of the endocrine glands. Once the intellect begins to develop beyond a point, unresponsiveness to calls for discipline arises. This proves how mere intellectual development can be disastrous.

The immense and valuable findings of science should be the defining criterion and should provide an overall context for the practical use of religious teaching and knowledge of sacred texts. This will build a new generation of people who enjoy perfect and total health – physical, intellectual and emotional.

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