Travel to Crystal Palace

In this story about a person named Sanjiwani who travels to a place that many people dream about. He said if someone in his life had never been to that place, his life had not yet felt complete.

With endless enthusiasm, he tried to find out the place’s existence. From magazines to travel services, he tried to find out how to get there.
Finally, he got information from the tourism service center in the government. Various information he got there and also many pocket book given to him as a travel guide.

His journey began, he now entered the place as indicated in the instructions from the tourism department.
Once he arrived at the crossroads, he was confused because he was not given prior information that this place had an intersection.

He tried to use google maps, but at that location internet access didn’t work, he tried to find out in his pocket book, it turned out to be far different from what was in the book with the reality in that place.
There are no directions, a very quiet place like being in a wilderness.
There, he met someone was there. Sanjiwani asked that person :

Sir, can you indicate which direction to reach the location of Crystal Palace?

The Father : Crystal Palace? Are you dreaming? there is no such place in this region.

Sanjiwani still insisted on the truth of the information he got and believed that the place was the same as what was written in his book. He then showed the book, and the father looked at it very carefully.

The Father: Oooo, it turns out you have been fooled by these books … only one sheet is suitable for this place. This clue is also not clear with the situation here.

Sanjiwani: So that means the book was wrong in printing?
The Father: No, it seems like the person who has reprinted it has never been here or he didn’t do a Cros check, he just wrote from the info that was heard by people before, who knows how many people previously had added and reduced it. That’s what makes the authenticity of the initial information changed.
Si Sanjiwani: Oh, I see, so how can I get there?

The father laughed and said a little, saying,
Do you think that place is like a palace of kings?
It’s not like that, what is here is like a spring, a place to get a drop of water.

Sanjiwani: Yes sir, it’s fine if that’s the case.
I want to feel what water is like, because many people fight over it.

The Father: You just keep going inside to trace this road, a little uphill area there you will find a large and many intersections.
Don’t be confused when you get there. Do not look anywhere else, because in the middle of the intersection that is the place.
Don’t be disappointed either, when you get there you will not see the crystal clear water coming out on its own.

You just stay there, you have to be patient waiting, just keep watching. Do not be too hopeful, do not also force to get it. If you are lucky, when the water comes out, you will know for yourself what it feels like.
A drop of water with its bright sparkle clad in crystal light such as the heavenly amritha nectar will pay off all the costs of your trip there and even exceed that.

Sanjiwani: Thank you very much, sir, I will go there to try it.
The Father: Alright, good luck and if there are other problems don’t hesitate to call me.

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