Faithful Friend

In this story tells of the two people who are very loyal friends. They are like to drink and get drunk, just call them Amṛta and Nectar.

At one day  Nectar have suffered chronic pain until he taken to the hospital and he eventually died. During his funeral, Amrta was very sad because he lose a best friend who accompanied him in every situation. After a few days pass, Amrta visited again his friend’s funeral.

Amrta : Hi friend, I come here to bring your favorite drink, I know that in your lifetime, you would not be able to do it without drinks near you. Hopefully you can enjoy it there. Every day I will back with your favorite drink.

Almost a year has passed, and every day the Amrta faithfully brings a drink that is intoxicating.

And one day at the funeral he told to his friend:
Friend, .. I brought a lot of drinks here, so you can keep it there. I might rarely come here to visit you again.

Oh yeah, friend … tell me how are you there? what are you doing there ?
I know you won’t be able to answer it, but at least you can tell me even though it’s only a dream.

After that he returned to home.
In the evening, he dreamed of his friend Nectar.

In Amrta’s dream he saw his friend sitting in some place that look a very unworthy place, his clothes were very uncomfortable to look at. Without saying anything, Nectar was only accompanied by the drink that Amrta gave.

Once awakened from a dream, Amrta becomes even more sad and very regret for his friend. He also dumbfounded as if regretting what he had done so far.

In him he thought :
If I die, who will bring me drinks every day? is there another friend of mine will bring me drinks every day like what I did to my friend?
Even if there is one of them, for how long he will be able to bring me a drink? When he died too … who will gave it to me ?

All these questions made him no longer drink as usually.
He also trying to stop drinking, he struggles on great pain to fight his desires. And at one day, he turns out managed to get through of his struggle.

After that, new problems arise with his friend. He also think about how to make his friend at there place also stop drinking, and how to tell him.

He got a crazy idea to divert his friend’s favorite. He immediately rushed to the cemetery while bringing souvenirs.

At the funeral he said:
Friend, please apologize me, I can not anymore give your favorite drink because I can no longer afford to got that expensive drinks, I do not have much money to buy all of it. However, please don’t be disappointed, I brought much grapes fruit that is same delicious as intoxicating as the drink.
Try it you will definitely like it. If you don’t like it, you can tell me through a dreams.
Oh yeah, friend … I must to go for a long time, please pray for me to succeed in my goal. And I promised you, I will come here later.

Arriving at home, at night he dreamed of his best friend. Now his best friend who comes in his dream says:
Hey friend, I’m here to say thank you because only you are my best friend who cares about me, struggling to pray and bring offerings of food and drinks.
I promise to repay all that with all my efforts and my own way for you, be patient buddy.

Once aware of the dream, Amrta was contemplating other things about how he could meet his friend and invite him to do something better there.

Now, he found a new way and his idea very extreme than among ordinary people like him. He planned to leave his home to find yogic teacher who could guide him to break free from his friends and the bonds of this world.

Starting from TV commercials, brochures, magazines and advertisements on the internet that are scattered, none of them are willing to give lessons accept him as a student. He understood of it, because he is no have a lot of money to pay for all of it.

In the midst of his despair, someone approached him: Hi, what are you looking for until all the advertising brochures that you have thrown in such?

Amrta answered him while still bowing resignedly, without looking at the face spoken to : You was right, I was going to look for a spiritual teacher, but I did not have enough money to pay them.

That person then said:
Over there… , a few kilometers from here there is a modest house with a small plantation around it, there are parents who are actually a Guru, there are no other people know the truth around him that he is a Yogi, try to go there hopefully he can help you.

After saying that, just for a moment than, Amrta wanted to look at him, that person was not in front of him, who knows where he went.
He was surprised … how could he suddenly disappear?
He was reminded .. is it was the spirit body of my friend? .. he was said in my dream would give me a reward .. Ahh .. never mind, I better try going there first.

When he arrived there, it was true, there was an old man, his appearance so simple and his face was so clean, very comfortable to look at.
He good welcomed Amrta as his student.
For a long time he studied there, learned about many things of spiritual life and the attainment of self-release.
Until one day, the Amrta said good-bye to his teacher to come see his friend who had died, because he had promised to come see him if it was successful in its objectives.
And the teacher also gave permission for that.

Arriving at home, Amrta no longer went to the cemetery to visit him. But now he uses the power of yoga that he got to be able to find out the whereabouts of his friends.

He is now tried to find out the existence of his body friend’s spirit. It is difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack. But finally he managed to find his friend.

Now it is said that they talked with each other.

Nectar: ​​Hi … buddy, why did you come here to see me, what’s wrong with you?

Amrta: Ooo .. no friend, I’m fine in my world, I’m here just to show something about many things that you didn’t get during your lifetime. I don’t bring drinks, but I bring you drinks that are far more intoxicating for you and this drink makes your soul peaceful here. You will no longer live in a dirty place like this anymore, I will take you to a place that is far more feasible so that you can continue what I will give you later.

Amrta downgraded the teachings of his Master and led the Nectar to reach a cleaner state of the Soul. Each layer of the smooth body of the Nectar slowly separated from each other and now only remains the deepest.

On reaching this part the Nectar cannot say anything, hear, feel, etc … because all other parts of the body have disappeared. And his silence was clearly understood by his friend Amrta.

Amrta said: Friend, now that you have achieved what you should have, I resign and return to my world first, not long after this we will meet again in different circumstances in another place.

After the Amrta returned to his body, for a moment he only had time to write this story in a small note and he too a few moments after that left his body too and died peacefully

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