The Infinite Resonance of God’s Reality

One of the most important universal principles, which is evident and embodied in all spiritual traditions in its different forms is resonance, the true ideological and practical extension of the well-known phenomena of Physics. It is common knowledge that the term “resonance” comes from the Latin “resonare”, which means to reverberate, to vibrate.

Consequently, resonance is the process of initiating or increasing the vibratory phenomenon, which is produced under the action of the vibration-energy coming from a certain level of manifestation of the universe.

The process of resonance really occurs only when the vibrational frequency is close to or coincides with one of the existing frequencies in the human inner universe.

The relationships that unite and define all the constitutive elements of the universe (objects, creatures, processes and phenomena) are based on this law of universal resonance. Due to their similarity, phenomena, objects or energies vibrate at the same rate, i.e. they interact selectively, from a distance, as in the case of two emission-receiving poles which are at the same frequency.

A deep understanding of any object or process can also be described as a phenomenon of resonance. In other words, if a person is constantly thinking about an object that one wants to know about, that object is practically traversed by that person’s mind. Finally, this mental energy “returns” to the sender which is filled with energy and information about a particular object.

It has been similarly observed that the thoughts a person emits towards a phenomenon or object change it, and that something or phenomena can change due to the influence exercised by the human mind.

Thus, according to the nature or character of the thoughts emitted by a person, the development of a process or the nature of an object can change in one way or another.

This happens because we all have the possibility to actively alter or rearrange through our minds every being, thing, or energy from the universe.

If this resonance process is maintained for a sufficient time, then there arises a state of fusion between the two – the knowing and the known object, which will lead to an almost perfect subtle identification between the two.

If the process of knowing an object or a person goes into such a resonant process, the result is that by exploring and mastering all vibrational frequencies (i.e. all frames, or states of mind), that person can know the whole universe through this way, that is the process of resonance.

From this perspective, the old Tantric and yoga adage: “what is here (microcosm, one’s being) is everywhere (the Macrocosm, or Universe), what is not here, nowhere” can be understood by a different way. light, more in line with the level of understanding and contemporary human thought.

By knowing as deeply as possible the active and actual aspects of oneself, as well as the latent potential, humans can know, by resonance, the Universe around them. This knowledge will enable humans to understand and handle the Universe itself in the microcosm of its own existence.

In the following we will briefly present some of the characteristics of the resonance process.

Resonance is a complex phenomenon, based on the similarity between two resonating elements, on selection, and / or on motion in harmony (same vibration).

Resonance knows different degrees: it may be strong (even until the two elements identify with each other) or, conversely, weak (simple analogy).

The spatial perception of resonant phenomena is usually symmetry, and temporal perception – simultaneity and synchronicity.

The resonance process may be homogeneous (resonating elements fall into the same category: sound, image, etc.) or heterogeneous (complex sensory interactions, for example the perception of sound as color – colorful auditions, or the perception of images as music – visualization of sound).

The process of resonance can occur naturally, spontaneously, unconsciously or otherwise provoked, sought, and sustained through conscious attention. Tantrism says that since all beings, all things come from the same source (the Absolute, Brahman) all have the same essential nature, namely the Individual Self (Atman), which is identical with the source of all existence (Paramatman).

So it is clear that, since all objects and beings are part of creation, nothing can exist and does not have this spark of Divine Consciousness.

In the case of humans, the main “channels” of resonance are the chakras, the seven powerhouses. These power centers allow humans to experience different types of energy, as well as different levels of vibration and consciousness. The system or element resonating (in the case of humans, the seven chakras) resembles an oscillating circuit.

Such an oscillating circuit is made to vibrate if we act on it with an oscillation circuit

another illusion, whose energy may be the same as before (and in this case the vibration will reach the highest intensity), or less (the case where the vibration is not very strong).

Various yoga techniques represent appropriate modalities for establishing resonance processes with different types of universal energies.

The process of resonance makes it easier to understand the reasons why some people always succeed in what they have to do, while others only get insignificant results.

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