The Infinite Resonance of God’s Reality


The propagation of light, for example, is sometimes described as a flux of particles (photons – quantum of electromagnetic energy) moving through space. But certain experiments produce inexplicable results if we consider that light is just a flux of particles. The fundamental element here is that even in this case light keeps moving through space.

Looking for a more comprehensive model, at least in the case of the propagation of light, we can ask ourselves if there is also something other than particles that can move from one place to another. The answer is yes, there is. If we throw a rock into the pool, we can see it ‘waves’.

As said above, as in the Eastern doctrine, in modern physics there is already a theoretical model which shows that the entire universe has vibration as its fundamental property and that certain modulated vibrations can describe the entire Universe.

We can make an example by visualizing the same phenomenon in three dimensions.

By making all six sides of the cube vibrate at the same time, we will see that the particles in suspension will accumulate in a certain area (node) giving rise to a symmetrical 3D shape. It looks very similar to a crystal structure.

In this case we are making a 3D stationary wave system. We can say that these stationary waves are actually the sound of the 3D structure (this shows that there is a direct relationship between shape and sound). Stationary waves create order in a substance that has no definite shape.

When vibrations energize a substance, it will produce certain ‘fullness’ and ‘void’ zones, in other words zones which have particle properties (knots) and zones which have wave properties (energetic fields). This particle wave of complementarity is the fundamental duality of the whole of manifestation.

If we look closely at the waves in the pool water, we observe that even though the water moves up and down in the waves, it (the water) is not advancing (remains in the same place).

This becomes even more obvious when a small piece of wood floats on the water: it is moving up and down, but nowhere. In other words, waves can travel great distances, but the water remains where it was.

Therefore it can be said that waves are disturbances that propagate through a medium. The media does not advance toward the distraction.

A wave is something that can move from one place to another without becoming a material particle or particle flux.

Waves manifest in all phenomena of the Universe, from everyday sounds, whose frequencies range from a few cycles / second to tens of thousands of cycles / second, to radio waves, whose frequencies are between 500 and 15,000 million cycles / second, to cosmic radiation, whose frequency more than 1 followed by 22 cycles of zeros / sec!

Mental and psychic waves have a greater frequency, but the nature of this vibrational process is similar. Their frequency depends on the quality and subtlety of our thoughts and feelings (eg the frequency of feeling love is much higher than the frequency of feeling sad).

According to Dr. Arnaud, a French scientist, said that all the vibrations of the physical world are between almost zero and 1 followed by 22 cycles of zero / second. It represents an octave lower than the Universe (physical world).

According to the same scientist, the vibrations of the astral and mental world are between 12 followed by 32 zeros and 96 followed by 39 cycles of zeros / second! In the eastern tradition it is known that this frequency continues to increase as we access higher levels of manifestation.

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