The Infinite Resonance of God’s Reality

Resonance Law

In the light of Resonance, all metaphors and symbols immediately begin to make sense, at the same time becoming true doors to the invisible reality.

The Law of Resonance has a relational character, that is, it expresses the way in which two or more things or phenomena that appear to be different communicate selectively (connected), are integrated into one whole whole.

The link that holds all things in the Universe together (physical objects, mental processes, psychic phenomena, spiritual level, in other words everything that is manifested) has the basis of the Resonance process.

The fundamental secret of yoga practice is to create and maintain a resonance process, in other words the process of initiating and amplifying a vibrational response (link) in the receiving system that is in tune with the transmitter system.

It is very important to understand that resonance starts only when the frequencies of the two systems (reception and transmission) are very close or identical.

In yoga, the process of resonance is created and maintained primarily by permanently focused attention (effortless mental concentration).

During resonance, the cosmic frequencies (vibrational energy) that are continuously emitted as cosmic waves by the center of the interstellar, galaxy or planet can be received by the correspondent focus of the human subtle body in the same way that radio sets can be tuned to a different radio. frequency.

During resonance, a subtle energy transfer occurs, from the emitting source to the receiver. The energy received carries with it all the characteristics of the source, at various levels (physical patterns, specific energies, feelings, mental states, information, ideas, etc.).

Resonance and Yoga

What does yoga have to do with resonance? All yoga techniques (asana, pranayama, meditation, etc.) are accurate modalities for creating resonance with specific cosmic energies specific to the technique. The kind of energy that resonates with a particular technique is revealed by a teacher when he or she gives initiation into that technique.

In other words, through the practice of a particular asana, for example, the meditator creates a connection between his own microcosm, vibrating at a certain energy (according to the asana), and the macrocosmic source of that energy (cosmic correspondence) of that asana. Through this connection (resonance), energy from a cosmic source is ‘poured’ into the practitioner’s microcosm. The longer the asana is maintained in which mental concentration is practiced, the more kind of energy it accumulates into its existence.

This is the reason why all yogis are truly adept at maintaining asanas in meditation, or in doing pranayama, etc., for long hours.

Therefore, yoga provides not only tools for self-knowledge, but also a large spectrum of tools for developing an underdeveloped area of ​​existence, so that it becomes a whole and complete being.

In the light of the Law of Resonance and because of their likeness, phenomena, ideas, feelings, objects, energies, etc., correspond (in harmony), vibrate in unison (identity), arouse (call upon) one another selectively through action from a distance.

In classical physics, resonance is well known in the fields of mechanics, acoustics, electromagnetism. This phenomenon, however, characterizes all manifestations of the Universe.

The basis of resonant existence is the energetic and vibrating substrate of the universe. Therefore, the first step in understanding resonance in depth is to reflect on the fact that all physical, mental and spiritual phenomena are rooted in the Unique Eternal Reality.

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