The Infinite Resonance of God’s Reality

The Absolute

In order to understand the nature of the Absolute and the relative aspects of the Real, we will make an analogy, which must not be taken literally, because the Absolute cannot be defined.

Let’s imagine a sea that is endless and very deep. The water level is so peaceful and calm that it is almost invisible. This is the reference, the basis of all comparisons.

Imagine now, on the surface of the sea suddenly appear waves that cause vibrations. These vibrations make the almost invisible surface of the water visible.

Analogically, when vibrations are produced into the Absolute, they become real, visible. We call this ‘relative reality’.

What must not be forgotten is that the oceans are a unifying element that penetrates and harmonizes all relative realities. This is why the Ocean can be called Absolute Existence or Pure Consciousness.

We can generate waves on the surface, but the deeper levels will never be disturbed. They will be forever in a state of peace (calm).

We can say that large and noisy waves (low frequency) correspond to a lower level of relative reality, and smooth and fast ripples (high frequency) correspond to a higher level of manifestation.

If we ask a quantum physicist what electrons are made of, he will answer that electrons are a wave pattern that vibrates at a specific frequency that determines their energy.

If we were to ask the physicist What is vibrating, he would answer ‘nobody knows’. Using the analogy of the ocean, we can say that electrons are waves on the surface of the ocean.

This wave was vibrating compared to the profound level of Pure Consciousness. We will therefore be able to answer the question What vibrates in an electron by saying that the unit of pure consciousness vibrates there.

When we understand that Reality consists of two aspects: one is the bottom of the ocean and the other is a vibrating surface, we realize that soul and matter arise from the same fundamental essence.

Solid matter is expressed as large and slow waves on the surface of the sea (low frequency, large amplitude) (which is a more limited manifestation of consciousness), whereas thoughts, for example, are like very fine and fast waves. ripples (high frequency, small amplitude) (which is a more intense and free manifestation of consciousness).

Deeper into this analogy, we can define the Absolute as an infinitely subtle vibration with zero amplitude and infinite frequency.

In this situation, we have a very calm surface which contains tremendous energy. We call this energy ‘creative potential’.

This very strong and very subtle energy is also endowed with wisdom, which gives each system an automatic (functioning as a whole) organizational talent system.

The lower the amplitude, the higher the energy (frequency) and the closer the peak of the vibration wave is. When the vibrations become so fast and the peaks are so close that they can be identified with each other, a ‘quasi-static’ state is reached, in which motion remains potential.

Then the system energy becomes infinite. Therefore, the Absolute is a state in which the opposites (peaks and valleys) become one. Thus, movement and rest merge into one.

The Absolute crowns the hierarchy of relative reality, at the same time being its source. In its transcendence of “form” the Absolute is potential dynamism, whereas once manifested it becomes the source and foundation of the entire Universe, from physical matter to the most subtle reality.

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