The Infinite Resonance of God’s Reality

Waves in Life

How do these vibrations behave in living matter? Do we have a receiver for each gamut of vibrations? Can we / can we feel all the vibrations?

Vibration energy is classified according to the scale of the vibration level which is described by the frequency of the vibration. Frequency determines the quality (type) of energy. The amplitude determines the amount of energy.

The frequency of vibrations depends on the inherent (intrinsic – present as a constituent or essential characteristic) of the emitter or receiver. So, for example, the vibration frequency that the ear receives is between 16 and 20,000 cycles / second.

The eye receives a vibration between 1 followed by 14 zeros and 1 followed by 15 cycles of zeros / sec, etc. In this way each sense organ functions and can only interpret certain specified frequencies.

The range of perception of the five senses is very limited compared to the entire range of frequencies in the universe. Apart from the five sense organs, humans also have other senses (recipients of vibrational energy), which are mostly latent (inactive) (for example, clairvoyance), but can be awakened through appropriate training.

In terms of vibration, consciousness is the system’s ability to respond to stimuli (information). These systems can be complex (eg humans) or very simple (eg cells).

If we’re going to hit the atom with an energy beam, the atom will respond in a certain way. When we stop this stimulus, the atom returns to its original state. This response is a manifestation of atomic consciousness.

The same experiments can be carried out with cells, animals or humans. Of course, more advanced systems will react in more complex ways than more primitive systems. The more complex a system is, the more it has a broader overall response.

Since humans are the emblem of the Universe, the number of possible responses increases rapidly. We would say that the number of possible responses represents a ‘quantitative’ aspect of consciousness.

This may seem artificial to some people, since most people associate the idea of ​​consciousness only with living things. This happens because of our limitations and ignorance.

Many people limit the meaning of the term ‘living things’ to creatures that can reproduce themselves. Intelligent people can see that this vision is completely arbitrary, because what they are doing is projecting their own behavior onto other systems and judging them according to their ‘standards’.

According to this ‘standard’, atoms, for example, are non-living.

Eastern wisdom defined thousands of years ago the concept of spanda (vibrations or flashes of Divine Consciousness), as the basis of all the manifestations of the Universe.

In this vision, consciousness is everywhere, even in the tiniest particles of matter. In other words, all matter contains consciousness (therefore, life) in various proportions.

The power that hides in the various levels of awareness of everything that exists is called maya, the veil of illusion. This degree of presence of consciousness represents a ‘qualitative’ aspect of consciousness, and this aspect is expressed by the frequency of vibrations.

The ancient eastern sages, as a result of their personal experiments at the deepest level of consciousness, arranged man and the Universe in seven vibrational octaves (corresponding to the seven chakras). These levels accurately reveal the quality of consciousness. A system also has energy exchange activities with the surrounding world (metabolism). This activity shows the intensity and extent of energy exchange between the system and its environment. If this energetic activity does not extend over a certain frequency range, the reality corresponding to that frequency does not exist for the system.

Therefore in nature there are relative reality ‘ghosts’ for each category of system which manifest a certain level of consciousness. We can understand now that even a stone has its own consciousness, therefore its own relative reality.

Beings of the highest levels of the Universe can interact with their surroundings much more so than beings of lower levels. As we rise to higher levels of existence, the magnitude of the reality we experience and our freedom grows exponentially.

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