The Infinite Resonance of God’s Reality

Universal Vibration Movement

Much like the esoteric tradition of oriental spirituality, modern physics does not regard matter as passive, inert, static, but as a continuous motion of vibrations.

The rhythm of this movement is determined, among other things, by the structure of the atom, nucleus and molecule. Therefore, science and spirituality converge towards the idea that the Universe is dynamic, in constant oscillatory motion.

Nature is not static, but in dynamic equilibrium. This is what the Taoist text says on this subject:

Silence in silence is not true silence. Only when there is calm in movement, spiritual rhythm (vibration) penetrates Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, everything is vibration. Here’s what scientists have to say about the subject:

Everything is vibration. Everything is movement. The Void (Primordial Substratum) fluctuates, according to certain laws, between Being and Nothing. Kuanta (small, indivisible units of energy) born as a result of the vibrational motion of emptiness are ‘virtual’, that is, they do not materialize into tangible, observable particles. They require a certain mass and energy for material existence.

The entire universe is made up of many things and phenomena, from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies. Their common element is that they are all moving. Why everything moves is a question modern science cannot answer.

However, modern science has made some progress in explaining how things move. Modern (quantum) physics states the existence of 4 forces (assuming as a hypothesis, the existence of a 5th force is required to unite the first four).

This theory is a rediscovery of the eastern theory of the five tattva (subtle principles – earth, water, fire, air, ether). According to physics, the four forces at work in the Universe are: the ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ forces (which hold atoms together), the gravitational force (which describes the movement of larger material objects) and the electromagnetic force (such as light). These four forces have something in common: they all move in ‘waves’.

Hence the waves represent the basic motion of the universe. Although the subject may seem complex, the basic principles are very simple. Once these principles are clearly understood, we can make progress in understanding the physical characteristics of resonance and harmony.

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