Healing on the Spiritual Path

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When using spiritual recovery to overcome illness, a person will focus on restoring harmony to strengthen the health of his entire body, heart and mind.

In modern society, we expect improvement. Western medicine is approved for people undergoing surgery, drugs and other medical interventions. If we have a bacterial infection, medical drugs will certainly provide the cure, which is antibacterial.

Many treatments exist in modern treatments. Treatments agreed upon at the time of recovery. For example, drugs that are used to respond to depression and pain problems. Treatment can be beneficial in acute problems. However, it is difficult to extend treatment to only help overcome it, make treatment difficult and even make additional illnesses. For example, antibacterial drugs often create an imbalance in the intestine.

Healing exceeds medical care. This includes spiritual growth, intellectual expansion, physical conservation and other interventions. Healing requires more improvement than you get an infection from the start and thinks you improve depression and pain.

What is Spiritual Healing

Healing is usually a mixture of physical and non-medical medical interventions, physical body interventions and mental body interventions. When we change the causes of disease and grow beyond problems, we then focus on healing. Healing is a whole package. Overcoming just one element of the disease rarely leads to healing.

In spiritual healing, we make a story of healing for ourselves that includes the healing process and healing goals. We make spiritual prescriptions for the body, heart and mind and then start the healing journey.

Spiritual healing is a path of transformation, a journey that connects the body, soul and mind to free themselves from suffering.

In the process of spiritual healing, will discuss physical, emotional and mental poisons. In this way, we eliminate toxins that weaken the soul. We then release the movement that separates a person from themselves. Doing both allows a person to recover and become whole.

Self-healing is a joint healing intervention for the body and mentality. Many of us think about one action and then act on another. For example, you might think you want to write today and then go to the beach physically. Or, you really feel a need but are physically moving in a different direction. It may happen all the time, every day, for most of you.

We need to do right with the body, purify relationships, use the mind for creative freedom and not enslave, free ourselves from the ego, and go on a spiritual journey.

So what does it mean to do what is right by our body?

Check with the body every day. How does it feel? Are there complaints?

  • Eat Healthy. What does this mean for us now? Can we eat less sugar? Do we still eat fast food? Do we drink enough water? Find small ways to improve dietary habits. Eat more vegetables.
  • Doing sports that we enjoy and can be easily integrated into our daily lives is one of the biggest challenges facing many people. Try dancing, walking, surfing, jumping rope, swimming, yoga – try any call for you – until you find the exercise you want to practice.
  • Enough sleep. Do you have enough sleep? Create a sleepless night ritual. Turn off the TV, stay away from the gadget. Enjoy a night of soaking in a candle light. Listen to your favorite music or listen to soothing music.
  • Usually, when we take care of the body, we also take care of the heart and mind! Remember to start and build body practices in ways that can be easily maintained and expanded over time. There is always something we can do for the body.

What does it mean to purify the heart, the relationship and the energy field?

  • Practice Giving and Receiving. Have you given and received in our close relationship? Or, do we mostly give? Or, just accept?
  • Practice Loving without Judgment. No heart can be pure if it is constantly comparing and judging others as being right or wrong. Find a supportive coach or advisor to help issue an assessment.
  • Increase Awareness, Build & Maintain Energy. We are exposed to toxic energy at work, in relationships, and even from the internet. First, start reducing the negative energy that you receive every day. Then, find fun exercises that help build and maintain energy. Meditation, Pranayama and Asana are some of the very helpful energy practices.

How do we free our minds and use them to grow and create the life we ​​love?

  • Practicing meditation. There are so many beautiful meditation practices to help keep the mind clear. There are many styles of meditation. Try a few and train the ones that resonate best for your body-heart-mind.
  • Expand your horizons. Read, take courses and find ways to develop a mind for growth.
  • Tell your own story. We are our story: so talk and write your story. To remap your mind. Stories can help improve our neural pathways and change our lives.

Take a Spiritual Journey

While we practice keeping our body healthy, our emotions and energy balanced, our minds are clear and sharp, sometimes there are spiritual aspects of illness, discomfort, and disharmony.

  • Restore Strength. In a culture of non-medical medicine, it is important to be full of strength and confidence. God gives us the ability to be the author of our lives (not the character directed by others). One way to restore health to a person, family or community, is through the use of pranic energy.
  • Clean the energy that is stuck. There is no good or bad energy. There is the only energy that is blocked, and often just needs to be cleaned. The energy practices you adopt will help in this regard. However, it can help enlist the help of a practitioner to clean up clogged places on your body.
  • Take the part of yourself that is lost. When we experience trauma in life, some of our energy goes out to protect us from experiencing full trauma. This is called a lack of energy. And, pranic energy is a method for recovering what is lost so that it can be whole again.
  • Reconnect with your ancestors. Know your origins. We stand on the shoulders of others, and it is important to take root in this matter. Otherwise, we risk becoming cruel. Connecting with ancestors, family, and friends who love us is very important to all drug stories. The healing that has been inherited from ancestors often helps physical problems that will not be resolved by medical means.
  • Be the light. Healing with Spiritual Light is a cross-cultural spiritual healing technique that helps transmute negative things. When your body, heart, and mind become more balanced and harmonious, removing the stones that have accumulated in your mind, over time, you find that you can hold your core in a powerful, full of energy. You can live a life filled with light, shine brightly, and inspire others to be more and more in their light.

Often, it takes more than one intervention for us to recover, as well as a daily practice. This is our way of life, creating a bigger story for ourselves and our loved ones so that we can live our lives in a connected and happy way.

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