Oneness Realization in Daily Life

In the book “Darsana of Oneness” has been much explained about what path and how to unity with the Universal (God Almighty). Various ways and prayers are offered daily to the Creator of this universe. But how do we understand Him? To whom do we pray? The great professors of ancient times who put forward… Detail

Develop a Success Mindset

People know what success is and who are successful. But they may not be able to tell you clearly who is a successful person and what constitutes success. You will know in the later part of our discussion why people have such difficulty in defining success. For now, let us focus on what mindset success… Detail

Happiness Psychology

Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is a positive emotion that we experience in the form of joy, satisfaction, inspiration, pleasure, encouragement, excitement, enthusiasm, pleasure, pleasure and so on. When happy, we feel good, blessed, and at the top of the world. We feel filled with energy and enthusiasm. We live with greater confidence… Detail

Self is the Source of Medicine and Disease

Healing is an insider’s job. This means that the most important components for healing, such as life force, harmony, regeneration, and improvement, are not given to us by others but come from within. This is the basis of healing the body’s mind. The innate healing power of the mind is part of our birthright and… Detail

7 Ways to Practice Silence

Life is a form of noise. Each activity impelled by our egos is a noise. The very process of living is noisy and exhausting, both physically and mentally. We turn to noise for distraction or to escape from boredom and the pains and pressures of life. We become silent when we are tired or feel… Detail

Life from the True Angle

To serve the less fortunate is the greatest form of worship of God. To repeat His name and constantly remember Him is the surest and quickest way to achieve success and attain eternal peace. To regulate one’s life according to the injunctions of the Shruti is the greatest cure of any malady. To meditate daily… Detail

Releasing Suffering

Releasing 3 Suffering

From time immemorial, mankind has searched for a way out of suffering and difficulties in order to find happiness. This is a natural trend present in everyone because none of us want to suffer, none of us want to be in pain and none of us want to face difficulties. We all want to find… Detail

Dynamic Meditation

Self Control through Karma Yoga

Stress, strain, and anxiety, which lead to the condition of burnout, result in social and emotional distress and pain and unhappiness in the individual. Psychosomatic diseases are also linked to stress. As modem researchers have shown, stress is a product of major life crises (e.g. death or divorce) as well as the minor but constant… Detail