Seven Consciousness Dimensions of the Mind

Sixth Dimension of Consciousness
– The World of Sounds & Colors


The sixth dimension is color, sound and vibration, as well as subtle forms and beings composed of these elements. The colors of the sixth dimension are unlike colors we have ever seen on the surface of the Earth. They are brighter, yet more subtle, and they mix and mingle. In other words, colors pass into and through each other, creating exquisite varieties of color with form. The beautiful actinic body of light, that pure inner body, exists in the sixth dimension.

Awareness in the sixth dimension has an all-knowing capacity which is difficult to translate into fourth-dimensional conceptual understanding. Therefore, mystics often have deep sixth-dimensional experiences, but cannot always recall the experience later. This dimension is outside of the normal processes of thought and time, and a prolonged experience may seem to last an entire month, while its actual duration on the physical plane is only two seconds; and such vast experience cannot register within the faculty of time-space memory patterns of the fourth dimension. But from the fourth dimension, the aspirant would intuit later certain aspects of the experience and bring them through to work with and use in his daily life. Extended practice of kaif» [awareness aware of itself] and other disciplined contemplative efforts bring more and more awareness of the deeper dimensions into daily perceptions.

Science has recently discovered the sixth dimension. It tells us that all matter is energy in a grosser form and that even a chair can be reduced to sound and color at a sub-molecular level. And they’re right. A chair on one level sounds like a symphony and looks like a light show. But in the second dimension it is just an ordinary chair. It exists simultaneously in all dimensions and looks different from each.

The great saints and sages venerated by men have lived fully and consciously in this rarified mind strata. There are people who once lived in physical bodies and in the fourth dimension and who now live totally in the sixth dimension. It is possible to live without a physical body in this dimension and to still be fully conscious. One lives in his inner body.

Temple Deities are sixth-dimensional beings. When we visit temples, they actually do hear and see our supplications. Great beings who no longer need a physical body also reside in this dimension.

If awareness has been well schooled in concentration, it can hold itself placidly in the intensity of the sixth dimension, remaining there to view the interrelated inner forces which construct the inner bodies of man—the actinodic or astral body and the golden actinic body, which is given birth after continued experiences of Self Realization.

The sixth dimension is a guarded area of the mind, less accessible than other states. The gates to these realms are guarded by fierce and apparently demonic creatures, and entrance is onlsoy gained once it is earned. The best way to earn access into the sixth dimension is to come in from the seventh. The best way to gain audience with a king is to be a king yourself. Better not to consciously open the psychic centers of the sixth dimension, but to understand the realm. When the time is right, experience will come of itself. It is far easier anyway to enter the equally blissful seventh dimension by entering shumsumna energy in the spine and from there into pure consciousness—kaif». The bliss of the seventh dimension is quite different from that in the sixth.

The superconscious plane of the sixth dimension is situated at the ajna chakra. The inner mechanism of the human aura, the inner mechanism of thought forms, the inner mechanism of the astral plane and the superconscious body of light are all within this sixth dimension. The forces and rays of actinic energy, the various breakdowns of magnetic energy, the rays of the actinic force fields radiating out from the seventh dimension, and the rays of the odic magnetic force fields issuing forth from the third and fourth dimensions all come together within the sixth dimension in a tremendous intensity. The sixth dimension is therefore the heart of the generative and regenerative function of intelligence of man, whereas the fifth dimension actually governs all intelligence.


Awareness Aware of Itself

Anyone can experience pleasure in this realm, awareness realizing itself, for a brief pause. However, it is much more difficult to maintain intensity, because the power that allows us to control our thoughts enough to touch happiness also stimulates other dimensions, setting waves rippling through the most serene consciousness. The wave travels through the sixth dimension, then the fifth, fourth, and third, straight into the second. And if there are areas of the mind, especially in the second and third dimensions, that are not under the guidance of the will or are unresolved, then the ripples catalyze that and pull the consciousness out of bliss.

That is why very few aspirants are able to sit in the absolute simplicity of bliss — they are externalized by the external dimension as the intensity of pure awareness radiates and resonates through the neural complexes. Therefore, although happiness itself is easy to attain, it is difficult to maintain for a longer time and even more difficult to dissolve into Self Realization.

The candidate, noting this, then devotes himself to perfecting the outer manifestations of the second, third and fourth dimensions in order to gain stable control over those forces so that when he returns to happiness, the ripples that go out into the mind do not cause enough reaction-stimulus to attract consciousness into the third dimension. And all of you have experienced this.

You have been absorbed in meditation only to be pulled into a vision or into your sore leg or into some train of thought in your mind. Therefore, the realm of Self Realization protects itself from entrance only by the properties of dimensional mechanisms.

We often feel that pure awareness must be earned by the holy life, and we generally know our lives well enough to disqualify ourselves. But that is the concept of “I am out here and heaven is there” — a wrong concept. Turn it over, Realize it and then convince the subconscious mind, that you are everything right now — the inside and the outside. The saint you imagine living a perfect life lives in your own consciousness. All dimensions of existence are within you, and you will never be more or less than you are now. That makes attaining pure awareness simple, doesn’t it? And it’s simple if we throw away the baggage of accumulated opinions and misunderstandings.

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