Seven Consciousness Dimensions of the Mind


Fifth Dimension of Consciousness
– The Mind of Light


In the fifth dimension awareness that all is well in the world, experience that everything is as it should be. In this state we realize great bliss, the comprehensive and all-encompassing acceptance of the universe as it is, which reveals that all existence works in proportion to one another. Everything is right, right, and if you move even one thing — you don’t want to move a thing. You don’t want to change or improve one thing, or stop something or start something, because it’s all good. Now, you would never feel that way in the third dimension or even the fourth dimension, which would inspire a philosophical discourse.

The fifth dimension is very powerful. It eradicates the notion of imperfection in the twinkling of a vision of the perfect harmony of all things. This is pure insight. Then the insight is translated into the fourth dimension, which can be comprehended by human outer consciousness.

Metaphysicians call the fifth dimension the “light mind,” because it is the superconscious area where a clear white light is seen inside filling the head. Others call it God. When man enters the sixth dimension, that light extends throughout his physical body and can even be seen on his feet as he walks.

When people function in the fifth dimension, they are inseparable from everyday realities. It makes them very alert and bright. They are there. They see things that must be done and to do them. Because they draw from a vast storehouse of energy and a broad evolutionary perspective, they take on even the most unusual tasks with confidence—as if they’ve done it a thousand times. They had never done it before, but they did. They feel they belong. Nothing seemed out of place or awkward. All are familiar, and they bring grace into every department of life.

In the beginning, discovering the fifth dimension was only through flashes, fleeting insights. People have intuitive flashes that have changed the pattern of their entire lives. That still little voice, or inner voice, comes straight from the fifth dimension. The third eye functions from the fifth and sixth dimensions. Then one of the difficulties arises — that of translating knowledge and insight into conceptual understanding. Very often fifth dimensional insights are so deep, so subtle that we cannot label them and therefore cannot reconstruct them in our memory patterns. We think, “Oh, this is so obvious, so obvious that I can never forget it.” Ten minutes later struggling to maintain continuity the dreamlike experience faded.

In the fifth dimension of the mind, the total evolution of forms is felt. When we look at a flower, we not only see it as it is at that moment, but simultaneously actually see the stages of its life from creation to preservation to destruction. This is where we see “life in a blade of grass and the universe in a grain of sand”.

Everything is in everything. The fifth dimension is not timeless, but it is devoid of time awareness

The awakened psychic enters the fifth dimension and is able to read patterns of the future and the past through the third eye.

A conscious person in the fifth dimension has a deep universal love for other people. They are often humane. Life for them is an exhilarating, even blissful experience, with events happening at the right time. Other people like to be with them, because they are open, there, present to other people’s needs. Their life force is not directed consciously as it is directed super consciously from the fifth dimension itself, which keeps all aspects in proportion. Of course, they also need a strong fourth dimensional capacity to follow these subtle instructions, and a strong third dimension to sustain superconscious powers.

If they find themselves struggling with forces from the third dimension, rules and regulations with which they may not be very familiar, they solve their problems from the fifth dimension. Solutions come clearly to them, and with a strong fourth dimensional capacity, they follow through and do it.

In the fifth dimension we have no sense of ego, no personal me or mine, which are somehow composed of second and third dimensional elements. People who experience this metamorphosis from ordinary consciousness, and then discipline themselves so that the intensity of fifth dimensional beings is maintained, love their fellow beings with serene compassion.


Blissfulness in the 5th Dimension

The way to get stabilized in the fifth-dimensional consciousness is to lead a positive and virtuous inner life and a positive and virtuous outer life. This simple act brings the subtle layers of existence to the forefront of awareness. In the initial stages of meditation, the fifth dimension seems extremely tenuous, almost non-existent or out of reach. Gradually, after years of sustained sadhana, we come to relate freely within its realms. It becomes very much a part of life as we discover it during meditation, then later in the midst of ordinary activity. When this happens, dramatic changes in our life manifest due to awareness’ migration to a new channel within the spinal column.

If you visualize the shumsumna current as a cord of wires all together, awareness would generally flow through just one of them. In order to get into the next wire, it is not possible to jump across the hiatus in the middle. You must go to the top, to the fifth dimension, for that is the only opening. Most people are only aware of one or two currents and believe that is all that exist.

Most devotees on the path have already experienced the re-channeling of awareness from the fifth dimension. They may not know what happened exactly, or even when, but something did happen, and here they are seeking within, whereas before the within was perhaps a mental concept. Re-channeling could happen during an intense sorrow or joy, by meeting a holy being or even during sleep.

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