Reincarnation & Consciousness Evolution

When a higher level of consciousness is reincarnated during its long life cycle, which has undergone various evolutions, it can bring wiser thought and clear belief in the truth of reincarnation. The low level of awareness of the outside world is followed by more complex ideas about the quantity bearing on worldly pleasures and suffering. At the stage of evolution, this memory is short-lived or in other words, this mental picture is temporary in its life.

There are two ways in which both can gradually emerge from this embryonic mental state. He may be directly guided and controlled by someone far more developed (the Teacher, Guru) than himself or he may grow slowly without help.

Humans have evolved through direct spiritual paths and teachings, examples from the Masters and established religious norms.

We can see that most average human beings when they receive the spark that brings Thinkers into being, there are sons of mind incarnate as Teachers and that there is also a long succession sons minds at various stages of evolution that come incarnated as the peak wave of the human mind wave that is increasingly developing in progress. It governs people who have less evolved, under the influence of good Supreme Masters, and obedience imposed on basic rules of life that were originally about basic truths, accelerating the development of mental and moral abilities in embryonic souls.

The remnants of old civilizations have been proven to prove extraordinary techniques and intellectual conceptions that far exceed anything that might be needed by the human era at this time, and that is enough to prove what is there in humans on earth that is in line with high intelligence expectations.

In the beginning, humans had complete sovereignty and managed to come here in the midst of their evolution. Successful and in ongoing conflict without stopping until the thinker is sufficiently developed to see firsthand, the will that he guides through various reasons can draw conclusions from the mental discussion developed, will help his actions.

Desire is energy coming out of the thinker, determined by the attractiveness of external objects.

The will is the energy coming out of the thinker, determined by the conclusions drawn by memory from the past, present time and direct intuition of the thinker himself.


Death comes then as only the laying aside of a physical instrument for rest and the assimilation of experiences into the capacities and mature wisdom with which the soul may begin another incarnation. So life proceeds in a cyclic pattern, existence on earth for the gathering of experience being followed by existence in other realms of living. Our eternal purposes reflect themselves in time, and the transitory vehicles we use mental, emotional, and physically gather the experiences by which we become conscious of our divine nature and purpose.

Realizing the truth of reincarnation should be an inspiration to us, for then we know that the great men and women of the world tell us in their persons and achievements what we with effort may become. For the future flows by the law of cause and effect from the gathered momentum of the past. In its passage through earthly personalities, the spiritual Self or eternal Ego accumulate a fund of individual character which remains as a permanent thread stringing together all the separate lives.

There is a majestic satisfaction in knowing that the present life is but one in a grand series in which every individual is going the round of infinite experience for a glorious outcome. This is not transmigration (return in animal form and must never be confused with that theory, for once the individualized soul has inhabited human form it can never return to any lesser expression in the kingdom below the human. There may be many wanderings before the prodigal son reaches the home of his Father, but having entered upon the path of humanity, he can never again be less than human.

The great lesson of reincarnation is that our powers are infinite, our opportunities eternal, and our goal godlike. As we look at life from the standpoint of its opportunities for growth, from the vantage point of the immortal being that we are, then are we eager to set forth upon our way, taking the air-lanes of spiritual living. There is no goal so high but that we may one day reach it with persistent effort, although many lives may be needed for the winning. There is no real failure in life except the lack of courage to try again. Opportunities come back to us, life afterlife. There is time for the climbing, time for the growing.

Reincarnation is the very rhythm of existence. Each moment dies that another may be given birth. To live in awareness of this universal law of cyclic rhythm is to be free from fear and doubt, confident that the future can hold all possibilities as the opportunities of the present are fully lived.

Reincarnation affirms that all life is meaningful, that everything has significance and enduring value. It is the great emancipator, freeing us from the prison of the temporary personality into the noble vision and realization of our eternal purposes.

Life is a great romance, the high adventure of evolution. Birth and death are but the markers along the road.

In the light of reincarnation, we may discover a technique for living more and more completely, utilizing every experience as an opportunity for greater development, seeing in every moment of time the doorway to the Immortal.

As we observe nature, we become aware of a cyclic order of existence in the universe. The season follows upon the season, and night follows day in rhythmic sequence. We cannot imagine a night that does not return today or winter that does not become another spring. The phases of the moon, the cycles of growing plants and trees, the wheeling dance of the stars, all hint of a universal pattern of cyclic existence in the evolutionary progress of life.

Cyclic Pattern of Life

We can trace a similar cyclic pattern in our own lives. In the twenty-four hours of each day, periods of rest alternate with periods of activity. The science of medicine tells us that the body has its cycles, the systole, and diastole of the heart, the growth and renewal of cell life. The brain, it has been discovered, also functions in rhythms.

Psychology points lo other cycles in the individual’s life cycles of depression followed by periods of exhilaration, cycles of mental activity followed by times of quiet contemplation. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, there is for each of us an alternation of periods of activity with periods of comparative rest. Historians and sociologists trace a cyclic pattern in world events. The occurrences of wars, of world depressions, of climatic changes, the fluctuations of trade, the cycles of light and sound waves (frequencies), cycles in crime, recurrence of epidemics, geological periods, all can be charted. Research carried on for several decades by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc., has made significant advances in charting the pattern of events in accordance with this principle.

Evolution cycle

In the large scheme of the evolutionary pattern, the law of recurrent or cyclic manifestation also operates. Life evolves (unfolds) through a series of rhythmic and recurring patterns. There is a great Rhythm of Life with which we may identify ourselves. The Immortal Self has alternating periods of rest and action, inbreathing and outbreathing of the pulse of life. That Self seeks the expression of itself in thought, desire, and action the arena of existence. But rest and refreshment also are needed, that the Self may review the experiences of existence and mold them into new capacities and powers.

This cycle of activity and rest is termed reincarnation. It is the technique by which the Immortal Self discovers its full capabilities and eternal qualities.

Reincarnation is simply the assurance of the indestructibility of the soul and the certainty that all of the time is at our disposal for the unfolding of our Eternal Selfhood. It is the coming again into flesh, the taking of a new abode in matter, the word “body” or abiding place.

Transportation through Evolution

We may think of reincarnation as our method of transportation through evolution. It is thus a means rather than an end. If we are going, for example, from Chicago to New York, there are several modes of transportation which we may choose for the journey. We may decide to fly, or we may take a train, or prefer a more leisurely trip, we may pack our car full and drive along the broad highways spanning the two points of our beginning and our destination. We may even hitchhike if time is no concern to us.

The travel time will be different but the distance always remains the same to get to the destination

So in the journey of life, the great journey of evolution, the distance we must travel is the same for all, but we may choose our rate of progress. Our choice is based on many factors: our desires, our thoughts, our actions, our accumulated capacities (in short, on our karma).

We may travel the air-lanes of spiritual living, or we may hitchhike along the way, travelling fora while by means provided by others, until we learn that, for steady progress, we must make our own efforts. And as with travel facilities in the world about us, so with the journey of life itself, there are rules to be observed.

When we fly overseas, for example, we must limit our baggage, and so we discipline our desires in what we may wish to take along. On me air-lanes of spiritual evolution, there are also disciplines, for in this realm our “baggage” is the karma we have created the accumulation of action and reaction through our thoughts, desires, and actions.

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