Breaking Away from the Endless Cycle of Karma


The behavior of the human person as an individual is of the utmost importance for success on the spiritual path. Loving faith, and total surrender to, God’s Will or to His Chosen One, God-man, is a basic principle for the life of a Truth seeker.

Sages and scriptures alike tell us that when living in the world, we should not behave as if we are from the world, but maintain an attitude of self-denial or total detachment from the world and everything in the world. . Therefore, we should live like a lotus leaf rooted in the mud below but raise its head high above in the glorious sunshine shining on the murky waters, or like a royal swan (waterfowl) sailing gracefully over the surface of the water. which is its natural habitat, but can fly high and dry if and when it chooses, or feels the need to, to do so.

This type of isolation without any importance or separation from one’s environment and especially from one’s lower self, body, mind and mental world, comes only when one dissolves one’s ego or individual will into God’s Will. This is called total surrender, which secretly longs for “Not I but Thy will, 0 God.”

Such an attitude easily helps make one Neh-Karma. While seemingly doing one thing, or another, he is now doing nothing himself but practicing God’s Will or the Jiva Guide because he actually sees in Him the Divine Plan as it really is and he just drifts through the Great Stream of Life and finds himself an instrument. conscious in an invisible hand directing all of his movements.

Surrender means surrendering everything to God or His Choice, Guide (God-in-man), including body, wealth, and oneself (the thinking mind).

We in ignorance regard these as ours and adopt possessive aggressive attitudes and try to catch them by any fair or foul means and then guard them jealously with all our might and strength. Clinging to these gifts and holding them tight, we forget the Great Giver Himself and are here seamlessly creeping into the great delusion, the root cause of all our suffering.

When we live in the material realm, we, with all our worldly intelligence about us, cannot escape from drawing dirty impressions to us and letting them accumulate freely from day to day until they form granite walls around us and we lose the clarity of perception, go blind to reality and comes to identify within us with pinda and pindi-manas (body and mind-body). With smoke tinted glasses and eye patches added to it, we dwarf our vision and do not see the bright radiance of Reality as it is covered by a dome of colored glass.

The Saints tell us about Reality and help us break these fake glasses, tear down the blindfold that restrict sight, and see the world manifested as God’s beautiful handicraft. They tell us that the world we see is a reflection of God and God dwells in it.

Therefore, we must take care of God’s gifts of body, mind and wealth, and use them wisely in His service and His creation, according to God’s Will that He has done.

The Saints tell us to reverse the process from outward projection to inside reality by understanding the true values ​​of life, because “life” is much more valuable than flesh (body) and flesh more than clothing (earthly wealth) we wear. . Dressing in the clothes of our little bodies and minds, mistaking them for ours and making use of them recklessly and selfishly for sensual pleasures and worldly performances.

By realizing that we rise above the consciousness of the body, then we know who we are, the best way to use our gifts in service to God and God’s plan and not in sinful activities born of fleshly lust, self-enlargement, or as a means of obtaining physical strength or for personal gain and gain.

This was a great lesson the sage Ashtavakra gave to King Janaka after giving him practical experience of Reality. Actually we have to part with our selfish attachment to the treasure house of the heart and this makes us not poorer because of it but attracts more gifts of love from the Highest when He sees the wisdom of His son, the son who was lost before but is now wiser. This is called surrendering the small self with all its additions from body, mind and wealth for the sake of the higher self (soul) according to the Divine Will.

Sharing is a form of postive Karma

Sharing knowledge does not make less

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