Breaking Away from the Endless Cycle of Karma

Dealing with Karma Matters

The way Masters deal with the complicated and confusing problem of karma can be briefly stated as follows:

1. Sanchita Karma

This is the latency that has been in store to one’s account from the endless ages since the world began. Nothing escapes them unless the same is resolved (without making any more additions to it, which of course in human nature may be impossible), in the countless lives that lie ahead. Therefore, it is impossible to spend this extraordinary credit balance in someone’s account.

Is there no way to cross the great chasm that lies between the conscious and subconscious and once again the gulf that separates the subconscious from the unconscious? Every mistake has a cure; it may be a spiritual or secular error. If a person fry a grain in a pan so that it expands, they lose their fertility or the power of conception, that is, the power to germinate and bear fruit.

In exactly the same way, Sanchita Karma files can be burned with spiritual fire and made harmless for the future, because then a person who becomes a conscious co-worker with God’s Plan loses all contact with the unknown past.

2. Pralabdha Karma

It is a person’s current fate, his stake in his trade or his destiny as it is called. The fruit of this must be picked, no matter how bitter or sweet, because one cannot avoid reaping the harvest already planted.

Therefore, Masters leave them untouched so that humans endure sweet love and end during their current life. If this karma is to be destroyed or destroyed in any way, the body itself will be destroyed.

In the struggle with this, a disciple, however, is not left alone. As soon as Master starts, Master’s power overcomes the student. He is very helpful every step of the way. With gradual spiritual discipline, he learns the process of Self-analysis and withdrawal and grows strong in spirit with the result that the painful effects of these karmas simply blow like a gentle breeze, leaving him unscathed. Even in serious cases, the Master Power lives Her Law of Compassion and Compassion. All the problems of the devoted disciples are greatly lightened and softened.

The sufferings, problems and ailments of the physical body arise from sensual pleasures. Physical problems, of course, must be borne by the physical body. A Guru, knows all about disciples, no matter where they are, whether in the distance or nearby. He can even take over by the law of sympathy the karmic burdens of His faithful disciples on His own shoulders to carry Himself, for the Laws of Nature must be compensated in one form or another.

This occurs in very rare cases as the Teacher may find it appropriate. Besides, no disciple wanted to take the path where the Holy Teacher had to suffer for his mistakes. On the other hand, a student must learn to pray to his Master sincerely and if he does, all the help he deserves will surely come to relieve him or to soften the situation and minimize the suffering it causes; the soul itself becomes strong by eating the bread of life and by drawing food from the water of life.

However, there are things that humans cannot control: (i) the sweetness and bitterness of life with comfort and discomfort, both physical and mental; (ii) wealth, luxury and power or squalor, poverty and humiliation; (iii) name and fame or fame and completely forgotten.

These are all the usual additions to life on earth, coming and going as destined. All human efforts are directed at attaining one or more sweetness of life and avoiding what is bitter, without realizing that life itself is as lonely as a cloud, a shadow without substance, a mere mirage. A Saint by teaching and practice brings back the illusory nature of the world and all that is worldly to Jiva, and manifests in him the source of eternal life; discover which which is saturated down to the bone marrow and the fibers of its existence and becomes completely satisfied, able to speak out for life itself.

3. Kriyamana Karma

This is the Karma we do every day during our present sojourn on earth. In this respect, each student is commanded to live a very pure and pure life in thought, word and deed and to abstain from all evil, for any transgression or neglect in this name will inevitably bring trouble behind him and the price of sin is misery in life cycle.

Sharing is a form of postive Karma

Sharing knowledge does not make less

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