Breaking Away from the Endless Cycle of Karma

In society, Karma holds fast first in the form of changing views and thoughts of the so-called public opinion formers. Then they influence character and temperament, and thereafter take root in the form of habits which become “second nature” in man. Therefore, both pastors and parents were always on guard to advise against making friends with bad people.

In order to crown all these difficulties, one must unwittingly share the reaction of Karma, even within his own family where he was born and raised. Thus virtue and vices play an integral role in the shaping of culture. In this way, we every day and every hour contract karma from our environment.

The only way to escape the influence of Karma is by sticking to the path of God through devout Saints who are embedded in the Supreme Being, far beyond the reach of Karma and in fact Neh-Karma and Jivan-Mukta. Accompanying a Saint has a tremendous effect in removing all traces of evil.

Saints came not for the good of humans alone but for the benefit of all active and inactive creation in the world at all levels, visible and invisible. The poor creature named human has no real friends. Even the mind with three-uses (Satva quality or purity, Rajas or activity, and Tamas or inertia) once worked as a human accomplice, looking at him like a cat glancing nervously at a mouse. Those who follow the orders of the mind are always caught up in its tricks, and experience countless tribulations and terrible terrors. “Thought,” however, fears those who are glorified by God through His medium, Satguru. The mind does not dare to interfere with the privileges and rights accorded to His own loved ones and instead helps them as do obedient assistants under orders from their superiors.

Everyone is bound physically and mentally in an invisible karmic bond. As long as a person is under the control of mind and matter, and does not seek protection from a Saint, he is governed by all the laws of the various worlds and is rendered pure and simple, emotionless justice with compassion. He was responsible for the punishment for all of his sins – ignored, unnamed, and subtle. A friend, in court, may be able to limit the lengthy and convoluted legal process, but before the seat of the Supreme Court, a Saint-Teacher is a true friend at trial.

The path of the Saints leads in a different direction. There is no trial for those who have started. Saints are present everywhere and His power extends to unimaginable realms. He never left His disciples to the ends of the world.

Like a kind and generous father, He himself can protest against an offending child but will never send him to the police for rectification.
Nothing is more attached than a person who mistook himself for freedom.

The trap of the high soul is ambition. Those who are rich, in the sense of the word worldly, appear to us comfortably. They may have sown good seeds in the past and seem to be reaping bountiful yields today; or they may now act on a “seize, take and hoard” policy and thus build a beehive for themselves in the future. Unfortunately, all such rich people, forget that they are wearing “invisible golden shackles,” and are unwittingly running into trouble.

A common saying goes: “The walls and mansions of the mighty are built with the sweat and tears of the poor.” Unless someone has sown goodness in the past, so cannot reap abundant yields in the present. He may also unwittingly carry a load of guilt right under his sleeve. If he does not sow good seeds now, how can he hope to enjoy some seemingly good fruit in the future and for how long?

Moreover, good deeds by themselves cannot free a person from the reactions of bad actions, just as dirty water cannot wash clean. With all our truth, we are just dirty rags. Nothing is clean, nothing. Humans are always subject to the law of giving and receiving or compensation and retribution. Following the path of good deeds is definitely desirable and better than the path of evil deeds, but that’s not all. A high ethical life can secure a paradise for a person to stay for a long time, where he can comfortably enjoy heavenly bliss; but he is still held in it in the astral or causal body and he has not freed himself from the cycle of birth and death. As long as one feels that he is the culprit, he cannot escape the wheel of birth and must bear the fruit of the seed.

Hell and Heaven are the realms where the incarnated spirits have to stay for a relatively long period of time according to their actions on earth, good or bad, as is the case. Staying here, however long, is not forever and does not take them out of the inevitable cycle of birth and death. Heaven is El Dorado of a certain religion. This is also called salvation by many. But the fact is that after enjoying paradisiac gifts as long as they are determined by good deeds, one is given the human body once again because only it provides an opportunity for merit which ultimately leads to liberation.

Even the angels who serve God desire human birth when they feel they have done their job. Thus, in following an almost universally recognized, widely believed and generally accepted path of good deeds, one finally finds himself, once again, caught in a web of insatiable desire and ambition and with sparkling fireflies that are always elusive. in front of him, he was still unwittingly still a prisoner in the iron grip of Karma.

To achieve this goal, do Tapa (various kinds of austerities) which can lead to a better life. Once again, after taking a bitter lesson from the hellfire in which he plunged himself, he tried to find solace in Tapa. Thus he does not get caught up and move entangled again in a cycle of temptations from Hell to regret and from remorse to sovereignty and from sovereignty to Hell again – one by one – in a sequence of endless cycles, up and down the Wheel of Life.

Thus, each person for himself makes Heaven and Hell on his own and remains through the deeds of his own will entangled in the web of gossamer life prepared by him.

Sharing is a form of postive Karma

Sharing knowledge does not make less

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