Breaking Away from the Endless Cycle of Karma

The question that arises here is how the Saint-Teacher took over some of the karmic burdens of jivas in special or rare circumstances and managed to rid them of their unpleasant effects. Karma that is connected to the physical body has to be carried on to the physical body and Karma which is connected to the mental has to be carried out in a mental way as well.

Nothing can escape the fruit of his actions – not even ghosts and spirits; neither the giants, demons, yakshas, ​​gandharvas and gods and goddesses. Those with radiant, astral and subtle bodies enjoy the fruits of their deeds in the Brahmanda region, the third great group, above the first two, Pind and Und. They, too, desire and wait for human birth to come out of the grip of the reaction of Karma.

It can take years of patience meditation for one to grasp some measure of the arrangement of karma, and very little can be said to seekers who ask questions at this stage. It is equally difficult to understand a true spiritual Guru. But with all this, a person usually plays the normal role of man while on this earth and He always talks about Himself as a slave and servant of God and His people.

In taking over the karmic burden of faithful souls on Her shoulders, a Saint-Teacher does not ignore or eliminate the “Supreme Law”. His position can be likened to that of a king in disguise, who because of improving the conditions of his people freely mingles with them to understand their troubles and sometimes even share their joys and sorrows.

As far as the human body is concerned, a Saint Master makes use of special Divine Concessions. He may, in short, reduce mortality. At times, He allowed His body to suffer a little which to the common man might be a great deal of pain. In this way, He showed humans that all bodies suffer, because this is the law of Nature for all bodily beings. “Physical life is suffering,” said the Buddha. In bodily “pain” suffering He plays the human role in all appearances, but is always internally separated from the physical body. Continuous contact with the divinity in Him enabled Him to escape what might have been an unbearable sting for the disciple.

Everyone who has been placed on this path and is involved in the process of reversing, can draw his sense currents from the body by fixing them in the center behind the eye. There may be a difference in the time it takes for different individuals to achieve this, but the results definitely follow, and can actually be verified in each case.

Students who study something with their eyes open, very often encounter several cases like that. The souls with inner access remain absorbed in the Supreme Self within, and do not display their abilities. This rule applies for the simple reason that an achievement like this counts as a miracle and should therefore be carefully avoided. The saints did not perform miracles nor did they allow their disciples to enjoy the arrogant and empty trinkets.

The Saints, when appearing ill, generally appear to be taking doses of drugs that may be prescribed by doctors, but they do not really need such treatment. This They do only to maintain worldly order. In this way, They set an example for humans to wisely continue their worldly routines and use appropriate care whenever necessary.

But there are some disciples who have unshakable faith in the tame power of the Healer within, and leave nature to work itself, for the healing power within is an indispensable part of the human system. Disorders of the body that come must be accepted and borne with joy because they are generally the result of our own dietary errors and can be corrected by using appropriate hygienic measures and selective diet.

Hippocrates, the father of the medical system, emphasized that food should be taken as medicine. Even serious illness, due to the reaction of Karma, must be tolerated with patience without complaint or bitterness, because all the debts of Karma have to be paid and their accounts here and now, and the sooner they are done, the better, instead of keeping any outstanding balances to be paid next.

Unlike most of us, Holy Masters don’t devote much time to grooming and caring for their bodies. They think of physical clothing as simply cloth that will be removed one day. They did hard physical and mental labor as needed, did not seek rest and did not even sleep for days. Such extraordinary acts present a riddle to modern science, even though they are a common practice of a yogin because They fluently make use of the higher laws of nature which we have neglected.

Actions or karma can be classified into individual karma and group karma. The latter is karma which is practiced by a society or nation as a whole and this is known as Dharma. Just as an individual bears the fruit of his own karma (action), so does society, for he must bear the fruit of a general policy which is pursued with the result that the innocent individual must also suffer because of the mistakes that arise from wrong understanding. Dharma from the society they come from. Just retribution for sins of deeds or negligence is the essence of natural law and it is seen in one form or another.

Many people today try to blame or blame their illness on “time” and this complaint is the greatest complaint of all time. The present as well as the future is no more than ours than the past.

This world is a huge magnetic field and the more we try to get out of it, the more we get caught and entangled in its snare.

The saints say that man occupies the highest place in God’s creation and is endowed with extraordinary intelligence and therefore, should not spend his limited time with his eyes closed like other creatures. The golden opportunity provided to return to God’s arms and to his original Home should not be lost. Such a glorious opportunity comes only after someone has actually seen through the “World Exhibition” and has successfully completed his role in the Great Drama of life.

Humans usually get lost in the attractions of this world. In doing so, he lost the solitary opportunity given to him under the excessive influence of the karmic reaction, after millions of incarnations, to return to the abode of the pure Jiva. He was given bodies one after another in an endless series. He began to feel the weight of all kinds of laws – social, physical, natural – that were like heavy blocks blocking his path at every step. He had no other choice but to wait for his next turn as a human, and who knows when his next turn will be?

The saints provide a very simple definition of sin as “forgetting one’s origins.” Every thought, word or action that keeps man away from God is a real sin, and conversely whatever brings man closer to Him, is pious and holy.

Most sins, both gross and subtle, are purely human creations under the control of the mind. The more subtle ones were considered “forgivable weaknesses” by the Saints Who were the living and moving images of God’s law of love and mercy on this earth. As long as one acts as a self-willed being, he is subject to all their laws and harshness. But when she surrendered her own will to God, she came under the influence of God’s mercy and love. This is the true aspect of sin in everyday life.

Sharing is a form of postive Karma

Sharing knowledge does not make less

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