The Bridge Maker

This is the story of two brothers who lived side by side in their own farming areas for years.

One day, because an argument caused a rift between them. Their first serious dispute occurred since who knows how many years they lived together. Until that day, they always worked their fields together, sharing knowledge of producing plantations and helping one another when needed.

The dispute started because of a small misunderstanding, but the dispute continued and became hostile to each other.

One day, there was a knock on the brother’s door. When he opened it, he faced an old bearded carpenter, holding a toolbox.

“Sir, is there any work for me? Or maybe you need some improvement in your garden?” said the stranger.

“Yes, there are …”, answered the owner of the garden.

“I have a job for you. Across the river, there is a farm that happens to belong to my sister.

“Recently the entire area between our houses was green, but then he changed the creek’s path, and that made it the border between us. You see the trees near my warehouse? I want you to build it into a fence. as high as you possibly can. I don’t want to see my sister’s face anymore, “said the farm owner.

The old carpenter thought carefully to himself for a few minutes and finally said: “I understand.”

The farmer helped the carpenter carry his wooden tools to do what he was told, and while the farm owner went to town for some purposes.

When he returned at night, the old carpenter finished making a bridge.

Upon arrival at the river, the farm owner was stunned. His eyes widened, and he could not say a word.
Where the fence should stand, the bridge is now standing. An amazing and special bridge, truly a work of art, with neatly carved banisters.

At the same time, by chance the younger brother of the owner of the estate happened to pass by, then seeing that he came to the same place.

He hurried across the bridge and hugged his older brother, and said:
“Brother, you are very special … building a bridge for our relationship, after everything I have said and done to you first”

Eventually the two brothers embraced each other, while the old carpenter collected his tools and began to leave.

The two brothers turned to him and said, “Please, stay for a few more days … we have more things you need to fix.”

“I would love to stay, sir, but I have more work to build bridges and things to fix elsewhere …”


Moral message:

We often let anger keep us from those we love and let pride come to separate love. Don’t let that happen to you. Learn to forgive and appreciate what you have.
The past cannot be changed, but the future can be fixed. There is no argument that can damage the actual connection. Build your bridge when you have to and always cross opinions with a smile.

Sharing is a form of postive Karma

Sharing knowledge does not make less

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