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Importance of Biophotons

Quantum physics is the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even to a lesser extent microscopic level. It seems that the laws governing the macroscopic objects we can see and hold do not function the same in microscopic molecules.

The next step of a molecule is the atom. The next step of the atom is the subatomic particle which consists of Photons, Leptons, Electrons, Neutrons, Quarks, etc. What is of concern now is photons – especially biofontos.

Photons are quantum particles that can be expressed as particles or electromagnetic waves – depending on what we are looking for.
If we look for a particle, it will behave as a particle. If we are looking for a wave, it will behave as a wave.

Biophoton is the very weak light emitting photons that all living things have, they are classified as UPE or ultra weak photon emission.

Biophotons act as communicators inside our bodies (and possibly outside our bodies too). They are connected to vitality because biophotons help our cells and organs communicate wirelessly and very quickly – just like wifi. As the author mentioned earlier; normally information and nutrients enter the cell – the receptors act as locks and the shape of a particular nutrient molecule acts as a key allowing only that molecular shape to enter the cell. Biophotons pass through this and directly and more quickly communicate information and nutrients into cells. We want biophotons in our bodies.

Good communication between all our cells and systems is essential for health. This is why alternative therapies always seek to clear blockages and increase energy flow with acupuncture, massage, yoga, etc. The better the cells and body systems communicate the more vitality they have. As an example;

  • Our thalamus receives signals from the senses, filters them, then communicates to the brain what it detects.
  • The hypothalamus receives signals from the nervous system, then responds by sending signals to the adrenal and pituitary glands.
  • The pituitary gland responds to the hypothalamus by secreting hormones that affect thyroid function, reproductive hormones, growth hormone, adrenal hormone, oxytocin, and many more. This hormone then acts as a small communicator which turns on the cells for growth and regeneration during the good times or turns the cells off if stress is being communicated.
  • Breathing exercises and other modalities boost gamma brain waves in our brains, gamma brain waves help our four brain lobes communicate faster and better help us integrate life experiences better.
  • Our brains, liver and gut communicate with each other sending appropriate signals of happiness or stress.
  • The pulse communicates with our heart, regulates it and increases the “coherence” between heart and mind.
  • Communication also takes place between dietary nutrients and cells.

The better and faster this communication occurs, the healthier our response will be and the better our bodies will be at dealing with stressors, coping with, adapting and growing. For example, the better and faster we can absorb nutrients from the food we eat, the healthier our cells will be. Biophotons increase and speed up the way our bodies communicate.

There are several different theories about how we get biophotons, one of which is through digestion – which may be related to “light in food”. Another theory is that we absorb these biophoton from the sun through our skin, eyes / pineal gland, and from the food we eat.

Plants also collect these biophoton, when we eat fresh vegetables from the garden, they are filled with biophoton, once the vegetables are in the refrigerator, the “light” in them or the biophoton starts to fade. The longer a vegetable is out of the sun, the less “light” it carries.

Interestingly, the damaged DNA cannot hold the biophoton, and leaks out about 20% of the biophoton resulting in higher oxidation and free radicals. Yoga and meditation have been found to reduce leakage of damaged DNA – and even help DNA repair itself and reduce free radicals and biophoton loss.

When we sit for a while to meditate, is there something that is bothering us in our life? Take this time to sit down and imagine the best scenario for the situation. Send energetic thoughts to manifest positive results.

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