Health and Stress Control with the Power of the Mind

Healing of the Body through the Mind

Body-mind medicine is defined as using the mind to influence the body. Many body-mind medicines have their roots in calming the nervous system, which affects the body systems that allow healing to occur. If our thoughts, actions or situations introduce stress hormones into us, then healing is less likely to occur. Learning to make these changes at will can assist the healing potential.

Because of the placebo effect, we also have a lot of science supporting the power of the mind to heal the body from disease. And the good news is that there are many effective body mind treatment techniques; from placebos to imagery visualizations, and belief systems. Our belief system plays a large role in how illness, or injury affects us emotionally, physically, and in our healing process.

We can use our imagination to improve our health, work, relationships, and happiness or mood by developing a deeper self-awareness of what we are thinking and constantly telling ourselves. Many successful people whether they are speakers, actors, business people, or athletes have learned how to stop their negative feedback and incorporate positive visualizations – some of them on purpose and some through intuition.

Mind is a powerful tool! It can improve whatever we are trying to achieve.

This is not new knowledge. We have a research history from Albert Ellis on how our beliefs affect the consequences of what happens to us, this is how we think about what happens to us that will affect us. He calls it a consequence of emotional behavior, and it is in line with other research in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Cognitive behavior means “how you think”. If we think there is something that is going to destroy our life for the rest of our lives, then it might. If we believe we can heal and overcome whatever we face, then we can.
And recently Gregg Braden offered a course on “Radical Resistance”.

New discoveries change the way we think about resilience in the past. In addition to surviving and bouncing back from the unexpected, Radical Resilience is a form of adaptive power that gives us the strength to think and live, in a way that prepares us to face life’s unexpected twists and turns, and to do it in a healthy way.

He stated about how the current pandemic is changing the way we live, work and move throughout our lives: “Science shows us that such sudden changes create a kind of stress that weakens our immune systems, speeds up the aging process, burdens our bodies, relationships and inflames instincts. our survival to a high speed. Our ability to cope with this type of stress, and thrive in the new realities we have built, is directly linked to the level of resilience in our lives. And here’s the good news! ”

Our dependence on medication leads people to believe that there is a particular drug that is best for every particular disease and that the only way to cure or treat a disease or infection is with the pill or medication.

Meanwhile, alternative and Eastern medicine teaches us about our body’s extraordinary ability to heal. That we are not sitting idle in this pandemic – there are many things we can do to fight disease, aging and the coronavirus even if we are exposed. They also teach about the importance of food as medicine and to keep our bodies healthy with good food and lifestyle along with fighting disease and aging.

You can change your DNA with your perception, the belief system has the ability to turn certain genes on and off certain genes. Our feelings and thoughts influence our gene expression and health.

Human consciousness also affects our DNA. When a person feels gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA relaxes and opens up, it lasts longer. When we feel anger, fear, frustration or stress, our DNA becomes shorter, tense and dies. We don’t want to be in this state for too long.

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