Love is a blessing

If you want to have love for somebody, remember Him sweetly

This is the way the Saints develop that love within us. Our angle of vision will be altogether changed. The more we come in contact with the Light and Sound Principle within us; we’ll have all that. These are elementary steps.

The more you come in contact with the Word Power within us, we will naturally over-flow with all virtues. All virtues will come to us. Faults will leave us. We’ll become the abode of all virtues. That requires sincerity and devotion.

These are the things to be lived up to. They are developed in due course, not in one day. If we begin from day to day like that, we’ll find after some time just heart to heart communication, naturally.

Love knows service and sacrifice. It is always giving, sacrificing for others. Serve and sacrifice for others  only if we love. God is Love and Love is God.

Only those who love can know God. We may belong to any social religion that makes no difference. These are only social bodies, the badges of which we are carrying.

So all Masters have stressed love laid stress on the term ‘love’. They say, “With-out love we are nowhere, whether in this world or the other world.”

Love starts from the body, but is absorbed in the soul – that is pure love.

Love which arises from within the body and is absorbed in the body – that is lust love.

That’s the difference between the two.

The first is called charity, and the other is called lust. So love is there. We are love and when we are attached anywhere, we forget all duality.

All these strifes are going on for want of love. The main thing is: Love knows giving, Loves knows service, Love knows sacrifice. If we learn that subject, every-thing peaceful.

There’s a parable in the Hindu scriptures. They say once Lord Vishnu invited all angels, and gods, and men to a feast. Lord Vishnu stood up and said, “Look here, all this is for you. Eat to your full satisfaction. But there is one condition: do not bend your arm to put food into your mouth.” Those who were worldly people said, “How can we get the food into our mouths unless we bend our arms?” They became angry and left the scene. And the others gods who were there said, “This is something Lord Vishnu says; so there must be some secret in it.” They thought over very gravely, “O, that’s all right. Why bend our elbows? We can give food to the other and he can feed me.”

The whole trouble is we want to congeal within ourselves and have everything for our own selves. We are human not like animals live for their own selves. They fight like anything to be the king of the other. We have to learn to live for others.

He who is over-flowing with love, only he is a man. He will have no attachments.

Guru Nanak said, “Peace be unto all the world over, under Thy Will O Lord.” “Hear ye all, I tell you the Truth. Whosoever loves God, he meets Him!” Very strong words.

God is love and love is God and the way back to God is also through love. And that is already innate in our self. We don’t have to buy it from the shops or grow it in the fields, it is within us. That can have a boost when we come in contact with someone who is overflowing with love and intoxication of God.

Love is everything, we know that. Put in an ounce of love in your home affairs there is peace. Put it in all our love rapports outward and inward, we’re at peace. Put in love between religions, there will be peace. Put our love between countries, there is peace.

We live for others, that’s all. That requires no special drawing inferences. All our outward affairs will be beautified. They will become a source of joy and peace. This is the basic teaching of all Masters who came in the past.

The main thing is to come in contact with that God-into-Expression Power which is al-ready within us. Fortunately we have got a contact with our soul. Come in contact will change within a month or so.

Spirituality is not difficult, but to become a human being is difficult, this I would say.

So love is a great blessing. As I have already defined, love is not love, which begins in the physical body and ends in the physical body. Love is that love which begins in the body and gets absorbed in the soul within. Then we forget everything.

When we have love, it is a great fortune. Such a one lives for others. He always thinks of the good of others, he lives for them. If it’s necessary, he will sacrifice his everything for the sake of others. He is prepared even to give his own life.

So ultimately, love knows what?

Unification. All duality is gone. It cannot remain two. It becomes one: two in one.

Sharing is a form of postive Karma

Sharing knowledge does not make less

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