Hasta Yoga Mudra Guides

Yoga Mudras for Meditation on each Chakra

1. Muladhara Mudra

The root chakra is the foundation for other chakras, with an emphasis on survival and foundation.

Mantra: LAM

Bring the palms together in prayer in the heart, then intertwine their little fingers and fingers so that they fold in the palm of the hand. Spread the middle finger so that the tips touch and then intertwine the thumb and index finger so they form a ring around each other, with the tips of the fingers touching. Optional step: Turn this mudra upside down and lower your arms slightly, so that your middle finger is pointing down in the pelvic area.

2. Sacral Mudra (Shakti Mudra)

This feminine mudra for the sacral chakra functions to utilize creativity, imagination, intuition, sexuality, and sensuality.

Mantra: VAM

With your palm in front of your chest, press your little finger and ring finger together. Fold your thumbs into your palm, in your index and middle fingers, then press the knuckles of these two fingers together or separate them. Optional step: Lower the hand just below the navel above the genital.

3. Mudra Rudra (Solar Plexus)

This mudra brings out the power of Shiva, for digestive health, strength, and confidence.

Mantra: RAM

Place the palm facing up on the thigh. Touch the tips of your thumb, index finger and ring finger together, straightening through your pinky and middle finger.

4. Padma Mudra

This lotus-inspired mudra that gives rise to new possibilities and universal love, is perfect for the heart chakra and heart health.

Mantra: YAM

With your palms pressed against your heart, touch the outer edges of your little fingers and thumb together. Keep the heel of the palm pressed together while the bloom opens through the hand.

5. Granthita Mudra

Can use this mudra in the throat chakra to help cleanse mental impurities and purify toxic substances.

Mantra: HAM

Interlace the last three fingers (middle, ring and pinkie) together in the hand. Link the index finger and thumb to form two rings and hold the mudra in front of the base of the throat.

6. Ajna Mudra

To increase the wisdom and power of inner intuition, use this mudra centered deep into the third eye chakra.

Mantra: AUM (OM)

Use your right hand right in front of the space between the eyebrows and wrap your ring finger around the palm. Bring the tips of your thumbs, middle fingers, and index fingers to the touch and keep the little finger long. Place the tips of the three fingers that touch the focus point of the third eye. The left hand can remain above the left thigh, palm facing up or in the Gyan mudra.

7. Sahasrara Mudra

Do this mudra high above the head, can open the crown chakra gates of universal awareness, divinity, and transcendence.

Mantra: …. (silent)

Place the tips of your index and thumb fingers to the touch, forming a pyramid shape. Leave the remaining finger extending upward, keeping it straight.

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