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Types of Mudras in Yoga

It should be noted that the mudra “no” is used specifically to heal. If a person suffers from a health problem, one does not have to look at mudras as an answer to all of these problems. On the other hand, the mudra is only as additional support. The best health systems are holistic like Ayurveda, which includes mudras along with diet and exercise.

When using mudras for certain health problems, you will usually use one specific mudra every day for several weeks or even months. so it takes quite a long time for the mudra to cure the problem.

  1. Ashwini (Horse) Mudra: Helps sexual health.
  2. Gyan Mudra. Gyan Mudra is done by touching the tip of the index finger to the tip of the victim and leaving the other three fingers straight. Gyan mudras increase knowledge and how to use that knowledge. The tip of the thumb is related to the energy of the endocrine and pituitary glands. Using this mudra for ten minutes will activate this gland. It improves memory and helps improve the brain. It increases attention and can cure insomnia. It also helps for anxiety and depression.
  3. Prithvi Mudra. Done by touching the tip of the ring finger to the tip of the thumb, with the other finger pointing straight out. Prithvi Mudra helps cure muscle-skeletal problems and also helps increase weight and reduce skin problems.
  4. Varuna Mudra – Mudra Air. Done by touching the tip of the little finger to the tip of the thumb with the remaining three fingers extended straight. Varuna / Water Mudra balances water and helps prevent dehydration. This is useful for balancing blood flow and also helps with muscle contraction and gastroenteritis.
  5. Vayu Mudra – Air Mudra. Done by placing the index finger under the thumb so that the tip of the index finger touches the base of the thumb. Hold the other finger straight. This mudra balances the air element and helps relieve arthritis, gout, rheumatism, Parkinson’s disease, and paralysis.
  6. Surabhi Mudra: Helps energy flow through the body.
  7. Shunya Mudra – Mudra emptiness. Done by placing the third finger under the thumb, the tip of the third finger touches the base of the thumb. The other fingers are held straight. This mudra helps sharpen your mind and can also clear ear infections. This is best done for 40 – 60 minutes at a time.
  8. Surya Mudra – Sun Mudra. Done by placing the fourth finger under the thumb so that the tip of the fourth finger touches the base of the thumb. The other fingers are stretched out straight. This is best done for 10-15 minutes. It helps with weight loss and also reduces anxiety.
  9. Prana Mudra – Mudra of Life. Done by pressing the tip of the ring finger and little finger to the tip of the thumb. The remaining fingers are stretched out straight. This mudra increases strength and mobility, helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and helps make an active person. It also boosts the immune system and helps eyesight.
  10. Apana Mudra. Done by pressing the tip of the ring finger and middle finger to the tip of the thumb. The other fingers are stretched out straight. Mudan Apana is the best mudra to aid digestion. Practice for 45 minutes a day and it will help regulate blood sugar, relieve constipation, gastroenteritis, and IBS.
  11. Apana Vayu Mudra – Heart Mudra. Done by pressing the end of the fourth finger ring to the tip of the thumb and arching the index finger to press the base of the thumb while the little finger is stretched. Practice this mudra for ten minutes at a time and it will help the welfare of the heart. It regulates heart palpitations and helps digestion.
  12. Linga Mudra- Heat Mudra. To do the Lingga mudra, the fingers of both hands are tied together. Now hold the left hand’s thumb straight up and wrap the index finger and thumb of the right hand around it. Practicing for ten minutes will generate heat in the body and will help the lungs and eliminate phlegm. It can help cure colds and fevers and is very helpful with bronchial infections.

Mudra Yoga by Hand

Mudra Yoga dengan tangan

Benefits of Mudra Yoga

  1. Vajroli (Thunderbold): Energizes sexual organs.
  2. Tse: Stop sadness and depression and increase insight and intuition. This is one of the best for your mind.
  3. Ganesha: Strengthen the heart. Open the bronchial tube. Open the fourth chakra. Promotes courage, confidence, and openness to others.
  4. Usha: Helps you wake up in the morning and gives you energy.
  5. Pushan: Helps digestion. Increase oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide. Detoxified.
  6. Bronchial: Strengthens breathing and helps with breathing problems.
  7. Asthma: Helps asthma and other breathing difficulties.
  8. Prana: Activates the root chakra. Increase vitality and self-confidence.
  9. Linga: Increases body heat and help with breathing problems.
  10. Apana: Supports the disposal of waste products from the body. Balance the mind. Improve heart.
  11. Shankh: Used in Hindu rituals. It also helps eliminate throat problems.
  12. Surabhi: Helps with rheumatism and osteoarthritis.
  13. Vayu: Prevents wind.
  14. Shunya: Helps with ear and hearing problems.
  15. Asthma Strengthen the root chakra. Increases the sense of smell. Good for hair, fingers, nails, and bones.
  16. Asthma Removes congestion to help sinus and throat problems.
  17. AsthmaPromotes teaching energy.
  18. Bhudi: Balance the liquid. It helps with dry eyes and mouth. Strengthens the kidneys and bladder.
  19. AsthmaHelps with heart attacks and other chronic heart problems. Promotes tranquility.
  20. Back: Helps with back problems, especially after exercising.
  21. Kubera: Helps you find specific things and to progress towards your goals.
  22. Kundalini: Increase sexual energy and strengthen sexual organs.
  23. Ksepana: Helps the skin, lungs and large intestine to eliminate toxins and other wastes. It also removes the energy expended.
  24. AsthmaStrengthens the earth’s elements and related organs, including the heart.
  25. Garuda: Strengthen blood flow and circulation to give a boost to your vital organs. Balance the mood.
  26. Suchi: Relieve constipation. Helps eliminate discomfort, revenge, impatience, violence and attachment.
  27. Mushti: Helps you find the cause of aggression and let anger out in a healthy way.
  28. Matangi: Increase breathing and increase energy in the solar plexus. Stimulates the element of wood, which represents a new beginning. Help with organs.
  29. Mahasirs: Relieve tension in the head and face to reduce headaches, sinus, neck and back pain.
  30. Hakini: Balances the right and left brains and improves communication between the two, which improves memory and cognitive function.
  31. Khechari: Creates energy and helps eliminate hatred, anger, and desire.
  32. Vajra: Increases energy and circulation.
  33. Bhramara: Strengthens the immune system and helps allergies.
  34. Uttarabodhi: Strengthens the metal element, which helps the lungs and large intestine. Refresh the mind and body.
  35. Detoxification: Helps eliminate waste and toxins and also removes negative thoughts, bad habits, and similar negatives.
  36. Shakti: Helps breathe with the diaphragm and increase inner calm.
  37. Maha Sacral: Helps relieve stomach complaints and menstrual pain.
  38. Makara: Activates kidney energy and fight depression to create positive energy.
  39. Mukula: Used to balance the body’s electric field to cure pain and health problems.
  40. Joint: Helps improve joint health, especially in the knee.
  41. Kalesvara: Promotes inner calm and silence and promotes positive character traits.
  42. Shivalinga: Stops sluggishness, depression, and fatigue and increases positive energy.
  43. Jnana Mudra and Chin Mudra: Connect individuals with their gods and increase wisdom.

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