The Determinant of Justice

At this time I began a new deed,
Let time pass by remembering everything,
Every blink of this eye is directed to the depths soul,
This ear drum only hears the whisper of the self.


I stand on a pile of garbage from the past,
I walked leaving a trail of burning debris,
Leaving a history scratch suffering of life,
Filling new scratches on each sheet for the future.


What I believe has dispelled my doubts and ignorance,
The Darkness disappears amid in the blue sky knowledge,
Destiny and fate are subject to your will,
My actions, I leave it entirely to the rulers Karma.


O my mind, the cause of all this,
O my body, the doer of all this,
O my soul, the connoisseur of all this,
O Shani, I leave results of this Karma to you.

Sharing is a form of postive Karma

Sharing knowledge does not make less

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