Realizing Prayer to Universe

Most of us know that this universe is made up of energy. It is one big ball of endless energy. Albert Einstein came up with the relativity equation of E=mc2. E is energy, M is mass and C is the speed of light. The 2 simply mean’s that the speed of light is squared.

Simply put, energy turns into mass. Scientists have now proven that even our thoughts and emotions are energy too. Again, what does energy turn into? Mass. What is mass? Mass is “Things”.

So how does this energy our thoughts turn into reality?

The earth’s atmosphere may only be so big. But God has given us so much more than just the earth’s atmosphere. He has given us endless amounts of space that goes on for eternity. This space is an endless supply of possibilities.

When we look into outer space we see the planets, the moon, the sun, and the stars. Yes there is more out there, but lets keep this simple. What do we see in between all of those things?

Every single bit of this blackness that we see out there is actually filled with vibrating probability waves or Ether. This ether is where every single thing in this universe starts out into physical form. These waves are energy just like everything else that we can see and touch and everything that we cannot see and touch, like thought, sound and feelings, for these things that we cannot see and touch are energy too.

We call these vibrating waves, probability waves because they start out as energy that is probable to turn into anything we decide them to be but will not become something until a thought is sent out into The Universe to get it started.

The very moment you have a thought is the exact moment in which that thought becomes something. The second your thought is sent out into the ether, it becomes a tiny particle in space. This is the very beginning of your thought being created into reality.

Once your thought hits the ether, it becomes an actual, physical and touchable reality. When the object of your thought has been created into this tiny form, it’s up to you to move closer to it and as you do, it continues to grow into its fullest form of your desire.

Keep in mind that it’s not only things that work in this way. Situations and circumstances are energy too. Basically every single thing and every single thing that happens is made up of energy whether visible or not.

If have a certain something that would like to happen in life other than acquiring monetary objects, The Law of Attraction will work for that as well.

For instance, finding your soul mate, finding job, learning, or getting better at a certain talent.  All we do is think of something we want and then it exists.

But how do we actually get it?, How we actually make it happen?

In order to attract what we want you must get our own energy vibrating on the same level as the vibration of what it is our desire.

Thoughts are what create that tiny little particle of your objects of affection in the first place, it is also our thoughts that get our energy vibrating on the same level of that object bringing us closer to it. Unfortunately though, it’s not quite so simple. In order for our thought to actually be sent out into The Universe, the thought must come from our subconscious mind.

We all have a conscious and a subconscious mind. Conscious mind is what use to do everyday things. It can tell time, read books, do math and make everyday decisions. Subconscious mind is where hold our long-term memories and feelings. It cannot tell something. It is not what we are thinking, but what we are feeling.

Subconscious mind is basically what we feel inside our mind or in our heart. We must get subconscious mind, to work with conscious mind in order to send the thoughts we want out into The Universe. We do that through visualization and we will get to that shortly.

We all pray whether we realize it or not. Every single thought us have is a prayer. Whether the thought is something we want or something we don’t want, our thoughts are prayers that are being sent out into The Universe, constantly.

Our thoughts never stop, not even at night when we’re dreaming. Even when you feel like we’re in some kind of a daze, we are still thinking. Our minds just keep going and going and going, like The Energizer Bunny. As long as our thoughts are going, we are praying.

There are a few very important details to this part of The Law of Attraction that we must fully understand. First of all, The Universe cannot differentiate the difference from a good thought or a bad thought. It doesn’t understand whether our thought is something our want or something we don’t want.

Example :
if in our subconscious there is something urgent that must be met first, such as Lucky, Healthy, Safety, etc.
In the conscious mind we want to ask for financial fortune. But in our deepest mind there is something else.
Nature will respond it to give us firstly for example; Healthy and Safety,
In this case, our Soul as a determinant of decisions which are necessary and which are not subsequently the mind radiates to nature. He knew that in the next few days we would have to be sick or even in a moment when it would have been an accident, Health or Safety at that time was the most basic and subtle request in our subconscious mind, even our though did not know it.

Our thoughts has emanated into nature, after that the form an energy field that is able to move others energy, and make a thing or situations, so that we can be saved, avoid from accidents.

Nature does not respond or hear of our words spoken results of a rough / conscious mind. But universe responds to what we think and feel most deeply, the most subtle.

Try to pray to be granted

Recognize what it is  truly thinking and feeling. Be fully aware that with every thought we have, it is actually asking for something from The Universe and know that prayers are being heard every moment of life. The Universe wants to give what we want, so make it clear and ask for only positive things by focusing on only those positive things. In other words, be careful of what our wish for.

We’ll need to understand them well in order to get yourself closer to our goals. We should first take a good look at what it is our are asking for and make sure it is our true hearts desire. This means that what we ask for must be something that we are willing to do almost anything to get because that is how bad we want it.

If we can make up excuses or reasons for why we might not get it, that’s a sign that we don’t want it bad enough.

A true inner desire has no excuses. We will get it and we know that we will get it no matter what it takes. A true hearts desire is something we want with our body and mind, also something need with our soul.

Successful people have passion for what they want. With passion come the perseverance, persistence, determination, drive, motivation and inspiration to get what one wants. When we have passion for something, then it is a true hearts desire. It’s only things our feel this strongly about that we should focus on making happen. If we ask for something we don’t feel this way about, then we could be wasting our time and energy. If this is the case, we might be better off putting our energy into something our really do want.

When we are living for our purpose, we will naturally become a happier individual. We will automatically begin living our life in line with The Universe. We’ll be in a much better position to send out the correct messages of what we want.

Our vibrating frequency will be more gracefully in tune with the vibrating frequencies of the things we want, bringing them to faster. Once we find our purpose, we will find that the energy surrounding us will become more harmonious. We will feel our self are also in better alignment with The Universe and all the things we want. The Universe is trying to bring us the things we want and we are keeping our energies open to accept these gifts.

Life’s purpose doesn’t have to be difficult. Too many people stress themselves out, searching for something that sounds inspiring. Most of us have unrealistic expectations as to what we think our purpose should be.

Sharing is a form of postive Karma

Sharing knowledge does not make less

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