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Astrology may in many respects be viewed as the spiritual genome of the human consciousness similar to the physical genome which has been coded from the information within the double helix of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which lies at the root of the cellular structure and contains the information necessary for Nature to evolve a separate and unique organism in accordance with the chemical sequences encoded on its strands.

The complex diversity of human consciousness as expressed in the art of Astrology is the result of many millennia of careful and dedicated study by the practitioners of this art. Within this vast matrix of information, the individual can discover and reveal aspects of their consciousness that remain dormant or unrecognized and thus advance their evolutionary development.

While not ignoring the relationship between the individual and the Universe, modern astrologers tend to focus on the psychological expression of the Planets and Signs within the various areas of human experience represented by the Houses. This viewpoint implements astrology as a tool for human development through which an individual can realize their highest human potential and fully actualize their inner creative abilities.

The aim and focus of Spiritual Astrology  to empower the human individual with the tools necessary to attain the highest level of self development possible within the context of their individual life and circumstances.

The spiritual view is that all of creation and evolution occur within the Cosmic Consciousness in accordance with the Divine Plan. Spirit pervades all of the creation by extending itself invisibly into stars, planets, and living organisms. Evolution is the process by which Spirit creates opportunities for learning and spiritual growth that are graduated to various levels of evolutionary consciousness.

This work does not present Astrology as a solution to all the concerns of life but rather as an effective tool of living life in the most meaningful way possible.

The Basic Principles of Astrological

Astrology is a symbolic art. The symbols of the Planets and Signs which are central to this language do not imply any direct action on the part of physical planetary bodies of the solar system on the life of the individual but are used to express the essential character of the principals and energies inherent in life as perceived from the astrological perspective. In this methodology, the seven sacred planets of the ancients (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) do not refer to the  physical bodies of our solar system but are symbolic representations of the seven aspects of the Life Power manifested as Consciousness (the planets) and the manifestation of these powers in the natural universe  (the Signs).

The Houses represent the organization of the activities which comprise human life into loose categories which, when taken as a whole, comprise the entire sphere of human experience from birth to death.

The Planets

The Primal Will differentiated itself into seven active sentient energies which, from the point of view of this methodology, represent the progenitor powers underlying and acting in all creation. The activity of these energies are reflected symbolically as the seven planets which, when taken as a whole, comprise the symbolic representation of the principal of consciousness as manifested in the human being.

The Planets express aspects of our inner consciousness experience and express when taken together the manifestation of the consciousness principal in the human individual. It is well to visualize the Planets as the inner powers of our being which maintain and energize our spiritual life.

The Signs

Each aspect of the Life power manifests itself in two characteristic ways in accordance with the law of duality which underlies the Universe. These two manifestations are the “day” and “night” thrones or domiciles of the planets i.e., the two qualities of expression that are most characteristic of their energy.

The two exceptions to this are the Sun and the Moon which have only one domicile as they express the primal essences, the Masculine and the Feminine. These characteristic “colors” of expression by the domiciles of the planets are further individualized by the Elemental character and Mode of the particular Sign.

The Ascendant Sign of the Zodiac that was rising on the horizon at the moment of our birth. It is a most fundamental aspect of us as an individual the foundation upon which our individuality is built  and determines the astrological character of the soil out of which our consciousness has grown and developed.

Astrological Language

If we are new to Astrology, we are about to learn a brand new language, a language of Planets, Signs, Houses, Elements, Modes and other specialized terms which comprise the language of this art. Consider this similar to learning the language of music where we would have to learn to speak of notes, clefs, chords and all the other diverse and specialized terms that comprise the musical language.

Before we can begin this journey of knowledge and understanding, a distinction must be made concerning the images used to portray the various concepts of Astrology.

An astrological image is more than a symbol  it is a complex symbol with multiple levels of meaning and should always be approached from this perspective.

Astrology Elements

When we speak of the Elements of Astrology that we are not referring to a phenomena or substance as defined by the natural sciences. In scientific terms Fire is a process of rapid oxidation and combustion; Earth is usually considered an inorganic substance; Water is the compound resulting from two atoms of hydrogen bonded to one atom of oxygen and Air is a mixture of gasses in the atmosphere.

In Astrology the term Element refers to an aggregate of qualities that inhere in life and consciousness which are best described by the terms Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Consider our-self as being compounded of four Astrological elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Thus we are made up of Fire, or energy and activity expressing the action of the will.

  • Earth, the physical and sensory aspect of consciousness, expressing the action of the body.
  • Air, the mind, expressing the action of articulated rational and logical thought.
  • Water or feeling and imagination, expressing the activity of the emotions.

The proportion of these elements with respect to each other, indicates their relative weight or importance in expression in our life.

Music and Sound in Astrology

Music has sounds and rhythms based on mathematical calculations and are as old as the Vedas as is the case with Astrology which is a contemporary science. ( The distance between any two notes is called an interval which has a mathematical base.)

Music is essentially made up of twelve tones. These 12 tones are called the chromatic scale.

In Astrology there are twelve zodiac signs as is the case with 12 swaras. It is stated that the swaras are identified with Zodic signs :

  1. Kanya Rasi (Virgo) – Suddha Rishabha
  2. Tula (Libra) – Chatusruti Rishabha
  3. Vrischika (Scorpio) – Sadharana Gandhara
  4. Dhanus (Sagitarius) – Antara Gandhara
  5. Mithuna (Gemini) – Kakali Nishada
  6. Vrishaba (Taurus) – Kaisika Nishada
  7. Mesha (Aries) – Chatusruti Daivata
  8. Meena (Pisces) – Suddha Daivata
  9. Makara (Capricorn) – Suddha
  10. Kumbha (Aquarius) – Suddha
  11. Shadja (Leo) – Sun
  12. Pancama (Cancer) – Moon

As sun and moon are identified with Shadja and Panchama, there is identification between other planets and swaras also. Both astrology and music have curing effects in medical parlance. A weak plant causing physical or mental hardship can be rid off by strengthening the planet with relevant Chanting of mantras or slogas. Similarly there are ragas which are stated to give relief for the ailments. Just as Sapta talas of Carnatic music , we have sevan planets ( Ragu and kethu are considered as Chaya Grahas) in Astrology.

Music in Astrology

Music in Hindu Veda is part of Sama Veda while Astrology is an Upaveda and Vedanga, both ruled by Lord Siva, an embodiment of the Sun. The Sun is described as Siva and the Moon is ruled by Parvati.

Music has been used as medium for planetary afflictions since ancient times. The Universe is called the first Nada Brahman or primordial sound as it was created from sound or sabda. According to Indian scriptures, sound or Nada is God Himself.

Both Pythagoras and Pluto has said that the universe is to be conceived as a musical instrument. When the Voyager II drew close to Saturn, it picked up the whines and hisses of the was found to be very useful and effective in an magnetosphere and beamed them back to earth. When these were speed up and played through a synthesizer, it was found that the waves consisted of a kind of musical melody.

Kepler also showed that there arc musical harmonics between the mutual velocities of the planets. He also found that the solar system possess a harmonic structure which is quite precise.

Johaan D.Titus discovered that all of the planets had an orbital distance from the innermost planet in specific ratios. This ratio is also the ratio of octave C which is 1 and Higher C which is 2 and G is in the middle point of the two. It has also been proved that the orbital ellipses of the outer planets can be heard by the human ear as rhythm as they have lower vibrations than tones and notes.

The synthesizer was found to be useful and effective in an experiment and which was in music while assigning sounds to planets conducted by Willie Ruff and John Rodgers of Yale University. They assigned lower G to Saturn. The tones of the planets were given from Saturn to Jupiter and Venus to Mercury. In this case Mercury was given a chirping sound, Mars sliding up and down on various notes, Jupiter a majestic tone and Saturn a low mysterious droning sound.

This sound spectrum covered eight octaves which is the hearing range for the human ear. The outermost planet like Pluto and others were given rhythmic sounds. The planets can be categorized as per their distance from the Sun and the Earth. Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and marginally Earth and Moon can be considered as one octave family. This octave has the tendency to have an association with the left side brain functions. The other set comprising of the Moon, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and marginally Jupiter has association with the right side brain functions.

Gerard Markoe has formulated a system by which the planets in the chart can be converted into musical composition. The speed of the planet, position of the planet such as rising, setting or stationary is to he taken into consideration.. The notes of the musical compositions in the planetary positions correspond to the mathematical ratio 1:2. The 5th note Panchama (G or so!) is found to be at two-thirds the length of a musical instrument. This can be found exactly with the help of a computer which can be later recorded on a synthesizer or piano. In the astromusic tape, notes for each planet are played in the Zodiacal order beginning with the Ascendant and progress in the order of their distance from the earth.

It has also been proved scientifically that music being a non-verbal sound can move through the auditory cortex directly to the centre of the limbic system. It is the limbic system that governs most of our emotional and metabolic expressions like body temperature, blood flow, blood pressure, heartbeat etc. Music is able to inject an influence on these factors. In addition, it is able to activate the flow of stored memory across the corpus callosom, a group of fibers connecting the left and right side of the brain. Another fact is that it stimulates the endorphins secreted by the hypothalamus producing emotional happiness and sexual sensation. The signs, the notes and swaras have different signs ruling them.

Historical evidence reveals that the ancient musicians were able to create a healing effect with spiritual music. The temple priests Notes of Music and Signs.

Determined the swaras of the pitch of their students while rendering the Vedic chants by making each student keyed to one of the planets. They also taught them to attune themselves to the corresponding planet defined as the parent star. In Egypt, the seven planets were given separate keynotes while in Greece, the seven vowels of Greek were used for this purpose. The Persians celebrated the entry of the Sun into each sign with music stressing the keynotes of the presiding deity. It was strongly believed that with the use of the music of specific signs and planets, one derived great benefit.

Musik dan Astrologi


For those interested in astrological signs correlated with musical notes, the following is the correspondence of the noble sage and the Kabbalistic Master.

  1. Aries – D flat major (C sharp)
  2. Taurus – E flat major (D sharp)
  3. Gemini – G flat major (F sharp)
  4. Cancer – A flat major (G sharp)
  5. Leo – B flat major (A sharp)
  6. Virgo – C natural
  7. Libra – D major
  8. Scorpio – E major
  9. Sagittarius – F major
  10. Capricorn – G major
  11. Aquarius – A major
  12. Pisces –  B major

Astrology in Life

We may conceive of the Zodiac as the circle of life around which the individual is destined to travel from the time they enter the natural world in birth until their departure in physical death.

By living through the experiences  we come into contact with the spiritual natural energies represented by the Planets and the Signs.

Through the study of astrology we develop an awareness of our relationship with the Universe from which emerges a vision of our purpose for living within it. This also leads to a closer relationship with the spiritual natural aspects of ourselves through which we can attain harmony and balance as we begin to acknowledge the fundamental unity between ourselves and all creation.

Through a harmonization of this information with actual experience will be presented with the opportunity for spiritual growth as an individual through the integration of the insights that astrology provides. As in all aspects of life, it is up to us to utilize this information to our best advantage so that we may attain a more fulfilled and meaningful life as our travel on ourjourney through this world on a path that hopefully will be filled with good fortune and success.

Symbols of 7 Planets in aspects of life and music:

  1. The Sun – Keynote C, Do
    The Sun represents that aspect of our consciousness which our experience as our self consciousness the “I” through which our express our free will.
  2. The Saturn – Keynote D, Re
    To the ancients, Saturn represented the power of “agnoia”, self unknowing, the hatred of knowledge or ignorance which causes a restriction and limitation of the Planet/ Sign energy and in the affairs of the House where this planet resides in the chart.
  3. The Mercury – Keynote E, Mi
    Mercury represents that aspect of our consciousness which our experience as our reason and intellect,  the logical and moral intelligence. It is also associated with thinking and communication.
  4. The Moon – Keynote F, Fa
    The Moon represents that aspect of consciousness which our experience as our inner nature.   To the ancients the Moon represented the “sensitive 12 mind” and may be taken to express the inner emotional dimension of the personality as well as the realm of instinct, dream and imagination.
  5. Mars – Keynote G, Sol
    Mars represents that aspect of our consciousness which our experience as our aggressive natural energy,  we will to survive and live which manifests itself as the drive to work and succeed.
  6. The Venus – Keynote A, La
    Venus represents that aspect of our consciousness which our experience as our desire nature, the desire for love, beauty, relationship, money, material possessions and pleasure.
  7. Jupiter – Keynote B, Si
    Jupiter represents that aspect of our consciousness that our experience as our growth energy, the energy of expansion and of the nurturing will that impels our forward on our evolutionary journey and carries within it the potentials of our overall fortune and prosperity in life.



The meaning of the 12 Zodiacs:
  1. Aries  “I Am”
    The sign of Aries represents the principal of activity, it is a dynamic energy struggling to express itself through a unique and individual expression of the life power. It is the birth of being, character and the root of personal identity. Aries imparts an energetic and dynamic character to the energy of the planets residing in its Sign.
  2. Taurus : “I Have”
    Taurus represents the energy of stability and self-substantiation: it represents the growth and expansion of material resources. Taurus imparts a stable and practical character to the energy of the planets residing in its Sign.
  3. Gemini : “I Think”
    The energy of Gemini imparts an expanding energy to any planet residing in its Sign. Gemini focuses on thinking and communication and its energy focuses on the exploration and development of the mental faculties and how they are applied in the world. Gemini imparts an intelligent and communicative energy to planets residing in its Sign.
  4. Cancer : “I Feel”
    The sign of Cancer represents an internalizing energy – a getting in touch with the inner emotional world – its focus is on feelings and expresses its energy in emotional relationships. Cancer imparts a caring and nurturing energy to planets residing in its Sign.
  5. Leo : “I Will”
    Leo is the externalizing energy of the Zodiac; it manifests itself as the reproductive energy in progeny or in creative works. It represents how the creative energies are directed. It is the unfolding of the self-expressive urge – the reproductive imperative. Leo imparts an outgoing and powerful energy to planets residing in its Sign.
  6. Virgo : “I Analyze”
    Virgo is the obstructing impulse of the Zodiac; it relates to material practicality and work and relates to the purification and improvement of self through facing and surmounting the obstacles encountered on ones life path. Virgo imparts a practical and analytical energy to planets residing in its Sign.
  7. Libra : “I Balance”
    Libra is the balancing energy of the Zodiac through which we achieve the balance between the spiritual and the material. This energy represents the attainment of inner balance and the resolution of the opposites in life. Libra imparts a cooperative and harmonious energy to planets residing in its Sign.
  8. Scorpio : “I Desire”
    The sign of Scorpio expresses the cosmic energies of regeneration and decay. It represents the encounter with the secret and unexpected dimensions of life. It contains within it the cosmic polarities of wisdom and self-destruction or illumination and ignorance Scorpio imparts an intense and passionate energy to planets residing in its Sign.
  9. Sagittarius : “I See”
  10. Capricorn : “I Use”
    The sign of Capricorn represents the materializing impulse of the will as expressed in an individual’s career and in the material success, status and personal recognition acquired through it. Capricorn imparts a responsible and utilitarian energy to the planets residing in its Sign.
  11. Aquarius : “I Know”
    The sign of Aquarius is the cosmic principal of understanding and the expression of higher thought. It is an invigorating and rejuvenating energy and represents the intellectual growth that comes from social involvement. Aquarius imparts a thoughtful and friendly energy to planets residing in its Sign.
  12. Pisces : “I Believe”
    Pisces symbolizes the release from material attachments and the realization of the spiritual self. It is expressive of an individual’s aesthetic and mystical side and is where they immerse themselves the spiritual waters of creation. Pisces imparts a sensitive and compassionate energy to planets residing in its Sign.


At Sapta Swara it is also distributed among seven planets. 12 swaras variations were allocated to 12 zodiac signs. Shadja and Panchania became Achala swara. The Sun and the Moon have their own home ownership. The other five swara Ri, Ga, Ala, Dha and Ni each received two variations and were allocated to five planets that had ownership of two houses each. This is vadi and sanwadi swara in music. This is also the king and queen of the Zodiac.

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