Liberation through Love for Self-Realization

We have learned much that Self-Realization is the ideal and goal of life, the all-encompassing Soul, by expanding its field of consciousness throughout the world. If this expansion of consciousness is an outward process, it will not end.

Every day humans have to solve problems and adjust their burdens. The burdens were many, too many to bear, but he knew that by adopting the system he could lighten his load. Whenever they found it too complicated and heavy, he knew it was because he had not been able to come up with a system that would put everything in place and distribute the load evenly.

The search for this system is actually a search for unity, a synthesis; it is an attempt to reconcile the heterogeneous complexity of the outer material with the inner conformity. In search it gradually becomes aware that finding the One means possessing the All; that there is the last and highest privilege.

It is based on the law of unity, if we only know it, then it is our eternal power. The principle of his life is the power that is in truth; the truth of unity that understands multiplicity.

Facts are many, but the truth is one. Animal intelligence knows facts, the human mind has the power to understand the truth. Apples fall from their trees, rain falls on the earth – a person can continue to burden his memory with such facts and it never ends. But once one understands the law of gravity, one can ignore the need to collect the fact that rain is falling from above the earth. We have one truth that governs countless facts. The discovery of this truth is pure joy for man – it is liberation of his mind. Because, mere fact is like a blind path, it only leads to itself – it has no limits. But truth opens up entire horizons, it takes us to the infinite. Thus we can discover that truth, while investing in all facts, is not just a collection of facts – it transcends them on all sides and points to an infinite reality.

Soul Consciousness

As in the realm of knowledge, in the realm of consciousness, man must clearly become aware of some central truth which will give him a view over the widest possible field. And that is the object the Upanishads saw when it said, “Know your own soul.” Or in other words, be aware of the one great principle of unity that exists in every human being.

All our selfish impulses, our selfish desires, obscure the vision of our true soul. Because they only show our narrow selves. When we are aware of our soul, we feel an inner existence that transcends our ego and has a deeper connection with All.

The soul when detached and confined within the narrow confines of the self loses its significance. Because the essence is unity. He can only find out the truth by joining himself to others, and only then does he have his joy.

Man is in trouble and he lives in fear as long as he finds no uniformity of laws in nature; until then the world was still foreign to him. The law he discovered was none other than the perception of the harmony that exists between the intellect in the human soul and the workings of the world. It is a bond of unity through which man comes into contact with the world he lives in, and he feels immense joy when he finds it, because then he becomes aware of himself around him.

Understanding something means finding something that belongs to us, and finding ourselves outside of us that makes us happy. This understanding relationship is partial, but the love affair is complete. In love the notions of difference are eliminated and the human soul fulfills its purpose in perfection, transcending its own limits and reaching the limit of infinity. Therefore love is the highest happiness that man can attain, for it is through love alone that he truly knows that he is more than himself, and that he is one with All.

The principle of unity that humans have in their souls is always active, forging relationships far and wide through literature, art and science, society, skills, and religion. Great revealers are those who embody the true meaning of the soul by surrendering themselves for the love of mankind. They face slander and persecution, deprivation and death in the service of their love. They live the life of the soul, not the self, and thus they prove to us the highest truth of humanity. We call them Mahātmā, “those with great souls.”

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