Liberation through Love for Self-Realization

He is Vishvakarma; that is, in their various forms and powers lies their outward manifestation in nature; but its inner manifestation in the soul is what is in oneness. Therefore, the search for truth in the natural domain is through gradual analysis and method of science, but our understanding of the truth in our souls is direct and through direct intuition. We cannot attain the supreme soul by successive additions of knowledge acquired bit by bit even through eternity, because he is one, he is not composed of parts; we can only know him as the heart of our hearts and souls of our souls; we can only know him in the love and joy we feel when we surrender ourselves and stand before him face to face.

The deepest and most earnest prayer that has ever emerged from the heart of a human being has been uttered in the ancient language: “O who reveals yourself, reveal yourself in me.”

Complaints of dissatisfaction and exhaustion due to failure, vain regret for the past and anxiety for the future disturb our hearts, because we have not found our souls, and the spirit that expresses itself has not yet manifested itself in us.

From the unreal to the real world, from darkness to light, from death to eternity.

For infinity is the distance that lies between truth and untruth, between death and immortality. Yet this immeasurable gulf is bridged as the person who reveals himself reveals himself in the soul. There a miracle occurs, because it is the meeting place of the finite and the infinite.

Sin obscures the truth and obscures the purity of our consciousness. In sin we desire pleasure, not because it is really desirable, but because the red light of our lust makes it appear desirable; we miss things not because they are great in them, but because our greed exaggerates them and makes them look great. This exaggeration, this falsification of the perspectives of these things, is destroying the harmony of our lives every step of the way; we lose our true standard of value and are troubled by the false claims of competing interests in life.

In our pleasure we are limited to ourselves, in good we are liberated and we belong to all. Just as the child in the mother’s womb gets sustenance through the union of his life with the life of the greater mother, so our soul is nourished only through the kindness which is the recognition of his inner kinship, his channel of communication with the infinite, by which he is surrounded and fed.

Therefore it is said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they will be full.” Because truth is divine food for the soul; nothing but this can fulfill him, can make him live an infinite life, can assist him in his growth towards the eternal.

Inner light reveals itself, not external objects. When this light was turned on, he knew in an instant that the highest revelation of man was the revelation of God Himself in him. And his cry for this – the manifestation of his soul, which is the manifestation of God in his soul. Man being a perfect human, he reaches its full expression, when the soul realizes itself in its Infinite form which is Āvih whose essence is expression.

The real suffering of man is the fact that he has not yet come out completely, that he is closed off on his own, lost in the midst of his own will. He could not feel himself outside of his personal sphere, his greater self was abolished, the truth did not materialize. Therefore, the prayer that arises from all of its existence is, You, who are the embodiment of the soul, manifest yourself in me. This longing for his perfect self-expression is more inherent in man than his hunger and thirst for physical food, lust for wealth and glory. Prayer is not just one that is born individually of him; it is in all respects, it is a relentless impulse within him from Āvih, from the manifestation of the eternal soul.

He whose soul has been made one with God stands before man as the supreme flower of mankind. There man finds in truth who he is; for there Āvih was revealed to him in the human soul as his most perfect revelation from God; for there we see the union of the highest desire with our desire, our love with eternal love.

We see in him God’s desires fulfilled, the most difficult obstacles to their expression removed, and God’s own perfect joy fully developed in mankind. Through Him we find the entire human world spread with divine simplicity. Her life, lit with God’s love, makes all of our worldly love shine. All the intimate relationships in our lives, all the experiences of pleasure and pain, cluster around this display of divine love, and from the drama we witness in Him. The touch of infinite mystery through trifles and familiar makes it break into indescribable music. Trees, stars and blue hills appear to us as painful symbols with meanings that can never be pronounced in words. We seem to witness Master in the act of creating a new world when a person’s soul pulls his heavy curtain aside, when his veil is opened and he comes face to face with his eternal lover.

But what are these circumstances? It is like a spring morning, varied in life and beauty, yet still intact. When the life of a person saved from distraction finds unity in the soul, the boundless consciousness becomes direct and natural like a fiery light. All the conflicts and contradictions of life are reconciled; knowledge, love and action are in harmony; pleasure and pain become one in beauty, pleasure and equal repulsion in goodness; the gap between the finite and the infinite is filled with love and overflow; every moment carries its eternal message; the formless appears to us in the form of flowers, fruit; infinity leads us into his arms as fathers and walks beside us as friends.

Only the soul in man can basically overcome all limitations, and find closeness to the One. Even though we haven’t reached the internal harmony, and wholeness of our existence, our life is still a life of habit.

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