Jiva is Reflected Consciousness of Brahman



The ego is a modification of Prakriti or Maya. That is Tattva or the principle of pride. This is the effect of Avidya. It was born out of ignorance. It has three forms, namely, Sattvic ego, Rajasic ego and Tamasic ego. Sattvic ego leads to liberation; The Rajasic and Tamasic egos bind you to the wheel of birth and death.

The ego is Vritti (mind modification). First the Aham Vritti manifests and then all other Vrittis are attached to this Aham Vritti. From the ego comes the mind. The reflection of the intelligence associated with the ego is the Jiva. It makes the Jiva identify itself with the physical body. Then the notion ‘I’ in the body arises. This is the cause of human suffering and misery.

Wealth, beauty, physical strength, possession of virtue, knowledge, Rajasic diet, fattens or thickens the ego. Satsanga, Japa, meditation, study of religious books, Sattvic diet and Kirtan, thinning of the ego.

If the one who goes is immediately killed by Brahma Chintana or the question ‘Who am I ?’ or Jnana Abhyasa, all modifications will disappear by themselves. They do not have an independent existence. The eradication of passion, anger, etc., leads to the diminution of egoism.

Through repetition of actions, passion, anger and pride are strengthened, they become rooted or prevalent. You have to struggle very hard with great patience and indomitable will to eradicate this evil Vritti.

Pride or arrogance is a long-standing ego association. It will not leave advanced Sannyasins and Yogis. If proper respect is not shown to them, they become offended, even though they may not show intense anger. What is the reason? This is due to wounded pride. The ego still survives. It wants respect and honor for its secret satisfaction.

If a Sannyasin or a Yogin or a great person is highly respected, greeted and given bouquets of flowers by his admirers and disciples, if he always occupies a high seat, he finds it difficult to return greetings and bow or sit on the floor. After some time, gradually pride creeps into his mind subconsciously and he becomes a slave of honor and honor.

Maya is very strong to deceive. He didn’t have time to introspect and look inside to find his flaws. He was irritated even if his flaws were pointed out by his best ill-wishers. He doesn’t have the strength to get rid of his flaws, to eradicate his pride. This defect lurked in his mind birth after birth.

How the ego works is very mysterious. It is very difficult to detect how it works. It takes a subtle and keen intellect and keen introspection to know its operations. If you practice daily introspection and discrimination, you will be able to discover how mysterious it works.

The relationship between the ego and Reflected Consciousness (RC) is a natural one. Just as when there is a mirror (reflecting medium) there will be reflection, so as long as there is Mind or ego there will be Reflected Consciousness.

The second link between the ego and the body can only be severed with the exhaustion of Karma. This is a zero sum game. When the balance of Karma and its effects are in balance, the body will disappear.

The third link between ego and Pure Consciousness is the most important. It is born of ignorance and therefore can only be cut off by Knowledge – knowledge of Self, of who you really are. Jiva is not essentially different from Brahman.

There is the same ambiguity about the relation of Jiva to Brahman as that of Brahman to Maya, and of appearances to reality. So long as the delusional concept of doer and enjoyer exists within the Jiva, and there is attachment to individuality, the Jiva will remain separate from Brahman and in the transmigration of birth and death. Once this notional individuality is dropped, Jiva merges with Brahman.

The witnessing Atman or Self is the basis of the Jiva, although in itself it is completely free from the stupid limitations of the Jiva. Ignorance is the mind which is the result of mental conditioning. This conditioning or construction of the mind is like layers and layers of dirt and grime that build up on a mirror in such a way that the reflected image becomes blurred. When the impurities are removed by polishing the mirror (purifying the mind), the self shines brightly through it. Thus, when the restrictive conditions are withdrawn, the Jiva returns to its source, Brahman, which is the eternal light.


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