Diksha, Shaktipat and Darshan

Shaktipat (Śaktipāta)

Shaktipat is also known as Initiation  is a Sanskrit word in the Hindu spiritual tradition that refers to the act of the spiritual energy  being conferred on a disciple or student, by a guru or spiritual teacher in whom it is already active. Śakti is translated as spiritual energy and pāta as heredity, Shaktipat can be performed by spiritual teachers through the transmission of a secret energy such as sacred words or mantras, views, thoughts or touches. Touch from Guru is usually given to the crown or to ajna chakra . Shaktipat can be transmitted directly or remotely, through certain intermediary objects.

Saktipat or initiation is an act of Divine Grace (Anugraha), completely undetermined. It cannot be forced to come by any action but it always comes of the free will of Siva. However, the attitude of the recipient must be open towards such influx of illuminating Sakti, otherwise it will not be imposed by force as every human being is endowed with free will, including the freedom to reject God.

The guru passes his knowledge to his disciples by virtue of the fact that his purified consciousness enters into the selves of his disciples and communicates its particular characteristic. In this process the disciple is made part of the spiritual family (kula) – a family which is not based on blood relations but on people of the same knowledge.

Levels of intensity of Shaktipat

In Shaivism, depending on its intensity, Shaktipat can be classified as:

1. Tīvra tīvra śaktipātaSuper Supreme Grace : Produces immediate identity from Siva and Shakti and union towards liberation, this is an extreme intensity of grace. They usually have a certain Sidha which later him becomes a Guru and bestows his grace to the next prospective student who deserves it.

In Bali, this is mainly the one who gets the award (Paica) directly, it can be because of doing Ngiase in a temple due to a certain condition, then he gets the Award from Sesuhunan Pura Dalem (not his plan, his servants or not the subjects of his subordinates), but an immediate gift from the Devi known as Hyang Nini Bhatari Dalem ( Durga) as his Siva Shakti, and generally the type of gift that is in Bali that he gets is very secret. Most people of this type have a certain Siddha which is subsequently for the enlightenment of his students or subsequently inherited.

2. Tīvra madhya śaktipātaSupreme Medium Grace : Such a being becomes spiritually illuminated and liberated on his own, relying directly on Siva, not needing initiation or instruction from other exterior guru. This is facilitated by an intense awakening of his spiritual intuition (pratibhā) which immediately eliminates ignorance.

This one is also widely found in Bali. People like this are generally without a Scale Teacher, but with a Teacher who is from within himself. this is generally born innate, or indeed there is a special spiritual talent or descent  or become ‘Ngiring Sesuhunan’ as his teacher or .. there are special gifts when a special event befalls him that triggers his spiritual awakening. Most of these types of people learn a little spiritual things immediately respond and skyrocket.

3. Tīvra manda śaktipātaInferior Supreme Grace : the person who received this grace strongly desires to find an appropriate guru, but he does not need more instructions, From a Guru touch, a look, simply being in the presence of his master is enough to trigger in him to the state of illumination.

And this type is also widely found in Bali, because of an “anxiety or examination” he gets hints indirectly sometimes meets a teacher who takes him to the level of enlightenment. Generally this type of person does not directly (physically) devote himself to his Guru, but he always remembers or respects his Guru in his inner mind as his guide. The inner soul or intuition always leads himself.

4. Madhya tīvra śaktipāta – Medium Supreme Grace : A student who receives this grace then requires direct instruction and initiation under a Guru (physical teacher), in time he becomes enlightened but he is not fully absorbed into this condition during his lifetime and receives a permanent fusion condition with Siva until the end or during the period of his life.

This is common thing, one who seeks the Master and devotes himself to the Master until total enlightenment.

5. Madhya madhya śaktipātaMedium Middle Grace : Such a student will receive initiation from his teacher and has a strong desire to achieve liberation, but at the same time he still has the desire for various worldly pleasures, after nearing the end of his life, he goes on to higher learning or the level of Swah Loka where he fulfilled all his wishes and after that he received another initiation realizing permanent union with Siva.

This type is also common thing, a person who seeks a teacher here and there which he always considers inadequate even more than one to get initiation and up to several times at the activists until old age, he is aware of it and only attained enlightenment after getting more activists .

6. Madhya manda śaktipāta Medium Inferior Grace : Similar to the above except that in this case the student still relies heavily on worldly desires more than on union with Siva, he needs to be reincarnated as a spiritual seeker to attain liberation.

Impression is modest while living life … And this is mostly done for the sake of something that is in the community, or roughly it does not fully carry out its spirituality as it should, only serve as a mere rule of rules that must be fulfilled, while in daily life it still acts for worldly benefits.

7. MandaInferior Grace : For those who accept this level of grace, the ideal of being united with Siva is present only in times of distress and suffering or in certain circumstances. The grace of the Master through Siva needs to work in them for many lifetimes before spiritual liberation occurs.

This is not good, he is looking for Master to initiate / in Dhiksa only if there is an interest due to something that has happened to him

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