Cosmic Spiritual Color

Cosmic manifestations of the One Life-Principle are sent forth in the form of Light-waves, and surround us all in a symphony of color, as the visible expression of our Creator and the Divine Mind.  Each of these super-physical Rays of Great White Light which emanate forth from Eternal Being holds within itself all the range of color-vibrations.  These in turn act as streams of vital force of immeasurable and infinite power, each having both a particular and a general function.

Color is a quality of light, a mode of light-vibration, defined as luminous radiant energy, and does not exist apart from light.  In the Cosmic Force are light rays of a much higher order and power than those reflections which are visible to us in the form of colors, though color is itself a cosmic force of certain power.  Radiating as it does from the Central Sun like a great ocean of light, it has been called the Soul of the Universe.

On the spiritual level, all the potentialities of the Higher Being are said to dwell within Seven Rays, which break forth from the pure White Light of the Divine Mind made manifest.  These are called the seven spirits of Light, and each ray has its subordinate rays.

The seven major color-rays fill space and permeate the soul and being.  They are the manifestation of the seven great cosmic periods, corresponding as well to the seven major glandular centers in the body.  The color rays are also related to the seven planes of manifestation.  There is both an esoteric and exoteric meaning to the outward and visible rays of light comprising the spectrum.

The sun radiates white light-waves capable of being resolved into seven main constituent parts of different wave lengths.  The white light of the Spiritual Sun enters the consciousness of the soul through the aura and is diffused into its seven component colors, each one infusing the appropriate soul-center with power and vitality.

The rays are forces of infinite power and purpose, emanating from the great White Light of the Supreme Source, and guided and directed by all-powerful intelligences.  Color is thus a seven-fold force branching out into numerous channels and currents.

Each wave projected through space creates a certain rhythm and harmonious vibration, so that different wave lengths excite different color sensations.  A wave length of light is not a color; rather it is related to a sensation of color.

Color has seven aspects, seven primary rays, each of which in its own way heals, enlightens, inspires, animates, vitalizes, and supplies or fulfills.

The first is the red ray which mainly influences the physical body, while at the other end is the spiritual color violet, and its purest ray, amethyst.  The three primary colors symbolize:  red  body; Yellow – soul, or mind; Blue – spirit of man.

Each human body, even though it is an aggregate of many radiations and vibrations of energies of the Cosmic, has its own specific frequency or vibration.  Just as each tuning fork has a natural vibratory rate; that is, a rate of vibration to which it responds particularly and white constitutes its pitch, so has the body.  This particular vibratory rate, which we each have, corresponds to some hue of color in the vast spectrum of colors.

Each of us as a vibrating unit of matter in this universal cell of existence has a natural color value which is our individual color.

When we select a color or hue that harmonizes with our inner self in this manner we are really fitting yourself into the great Cosmic spectrum, in the same manner that the bands in the spectrum of light are all in proper order and relationship, making for a harmonious whole which manifests as personal satisfaction and imperturbability.

Color can truly become a part of living environment.  The artful use of this knowledge contributes a powerful influence upon vital forces.

Light Color Spectrum

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, and so has electric and magnetic field components. These fields oscillate as sinusoidal waves. The electric and magnetic field components are always in planes perpendicular to each other and in phase.

White light is made up of different colors, corresponding to specific wavelengths. As the film thickness changes, the extra distance the ray must travel changes.

Color is a micro-consciousness. Like our senses of taste and smell, color helps us to understand the world around us. While it gives us elementary survival skills, color also enriches our lives, allowing us to appreciate everything from the beauty of a rainbow, to the aesthetic pleasure of a painting.

Color is a property of objects that our minds create – an interpretation. This interpretation helps us acquire knowledge about the properties of surfaces. To construct colors, our subconscious mind analyzes ratios of the signals from photoreceptors in the retina. Today, researchers are studying how the nerve cells in critical areas of the brain contribute to this process.

The brain is able to discount the effect of the continual change in the wavelength composition of the light reflected from a surface. This stability in color as we perceive it allows the brain to obtain knowledge about the properties of surfaces, despite continual variations in what reaches the eye from those surfaces.

Color is a perception, a response of the brain to data received by the visual systems. What is real is that objects emit light in various mixtures of wavelengths.

Red, green and blue (RGB) are often the primary colors, as these colors are based on light.

A rainbow shows up as a spectrum of light: a band of familiar colors that include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.  White light is how our eyes perceive all the colors of the rainbow mixed together. Sunlight appears white.

When sunlight hits a rain droplet, some of the light is reflected. The electromagnetic spectrum is made of light with many different wavelengths, and each is reflected at a different angle. Thus, spectrum is separated, producing a rainbow.

Rainbows are part of the myths of many cultures around the world. Rainbows are often portrayed as bridges between people and supernatural beings. The shape of a rainbow also resembles the bow of an archer. Hindu culture teaches that the god Indra uses his rainbow bow to shoot arrows of lightning.

Rainbows are usually positive symbols in myths and the rainbow is a symbol from a deity In Hindu.

The Sun Light

When the Sun is viewed from space by astronomers, it appears perfectly white, as the light emitted from the Sun is not scattered by Earth’s atmosphere; astronomers are able to see the true color of the Sun.

It is a common misconception that the Sun is yellow, or orange or even red. However, the Sun is essentially all colors mixed together, which appear to our eyes as white. Rainbows color  are light from the Sun separated into its colors. Each color in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) has a different wavelength. Red is the longest, blue the shortest.

Actually, all forms of light and energy are part of the same phenomena: the electromagnetic spectrum. Our eyes can detect only a small amount of this energy, that portion we call “visible light.” Radio waves, X-rays, microwaves, gamma rays, and the rest all have longer or shorter wavelengths than visible light.


If you pass sunlight through a crystal prism, you can see how it’s actually composed of all the different wavelengths of visible light, from violet to red. If you had extended vision, you could see that ultraviolet and infrared radiation were part of that, too.

When light goes from vacuum to a medium the different wavelengths respond slightly differently: violet light bends more severely and moves more slowly in a medium; redder light bends less severely and moves less slowly than the violet light. This process is known as refraction.

When there are large differences between the speed of light in a vacuum and the speed of light in a medium, the colors separate easily.

Most of the planet atmospheres reflect enough of the visible sunlight that only the upper layers of their atmospheres can be seen.

If humans had eyes sensitive to certain parts of the infrared, we would probably say that Earth’s atmosphere was a thick haze that prevented photography of the surface from space.

Earth’s atmosphere is mostly transparent to visible light with a blue tint caused by the preferential scattering of blue sunlight by the nitrogen and oxygen molecules. Clouds of water droplets and ice crystals form up to about 10 kilometers above the surface. The droplets and crystals are large enough to reflect all wavelengths of visible equally, so the clouds have a white color. Because of the coriolis effect, the clouds form spiral patterns.

The red and orange colors of sunlight are absorbed by the methane in their atmospheres while the blue colors are scattered back out, producing the blue color with a faint greenish tinge.

A planet’s magnetic field forms a shield protecting the planet’s surface from energetic, charged particles coming from the Sun and other places. The Sun is constantly sending out charged particles, called the solar wind, into the solar system. When solar wind particles run into a magnetic field, they are deflected and spiral around the magnetic field lines.

Magnetic “field lines” are imaginary lines used to describe the direction charged or magnetic particles will move when responding to a magnetic field. In the same way, gravity “field lines” point to the center of an object producing the gravity.

Most of the solar wind gets deflected around the planet but a few particles manage to leak into the magnetic field and become trapped in the planet’s magnetic field to created radiation belts or “charged particle belts”.

One glorious effect seen when the solar wind interacts with a planet’s magnetic field is Aurora. Aurora are shimmering light displays produced by molecules in the upper atmosphere. The glow of the aurora is the emission line spectra produced by the electrons in the rarefied gas dropping back down to lower atomic energy levels.



The Concept of Color as “Pengider Bhuana”  in Hindu Bali

Earth’s atmosphere has refraction from the Bright Light of the Sun (Ultraviolet) where breaks it down into many colors, then reflects it into the Earth’s atmosphere. This concept is in Bali named as “Pengider Bhuana”.

Each color has a color frequency code that is used as the concept of the number of Urip with a certain count from many factors.
Each color has certain characteristics which are symbolic  the Name of God (the spark of God holy light).

As well as the color of RGB (for the type of light) to more solid / CMYK material.

In the self, the refraction of light is the lymph nodes in the middle Pineal of the brain, in spiritually called inner eye or the third eye or whatever is called.

The light of God that enters from Antahkarana / fontanel reflects the divine light to Ajna and continues down to Anahata then spreads and occupies according to the nerve knot of consciousness or also be called as Chakras.

The results of the color from that reflection description produce illusions / Maya which is also known as Tri Guna, because the original is colorless (bright, clear) and pure.

The color of RGB if all combined will be White (God of Iswara), but the color of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key / Black) when combined will become rich black (God of Vishnu / Narayana). The difference between these two processes (white and black) becomes Rwa Bhineda (Ardacandra).

He is also a Rudra fire that burns (Smelter) like a laser beam or electric welding flame or lightning flash. Called immersed because of all the colors, differences, Tri Guna vanished back to its origin.

It is also called the God of Sadasiwa, the higher Shiva who is without form (without color) who is in the heart of the innermost heart (the deepest / central core of the seat of the soul).

That light is also knows as Jyotir Lingga because it towering high penetrate the Antahkarana.

Heart does not mean the physical body of heart.
It is whose name is in the middle (heart) there are 3 levels: the bottom (place of kundalini ), the Middle position (inner chest / Hredaya) and the highest position in Ajna (middle of the head).

Pengider bhuana is also as protector, if in the solar system is a kind of atmospheric ring, if it in human alive it is a bodily aura.


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