Relationship between Breath, Sound and OM̐ in Meditation

Developed breath

Life and evolution are synonymous. Just as Brahman has wrapped himself in creative evolutionary energy (Prakriti) and is actively engaged in the cosmic development towards perfection, in the same way the individual soul (Atman) is wrapped in the prakriti of its own energy and develops it towards perfection. This is life in life.

Both the cosmic and individual life force is known as prana (vital energy) which manifests as breath. Everything that exists is formed from the breath of prana, which acts as a mirror for the individual and the cosmic soul, changing and modifying itself as they change and modifying as they evolve. The initial drive that initiates, sustains and completes all evolution is OM̐.

The creation dance is the movement of breath-prana towards the sound-vibrations of OM̐. Relativity develops through an alternating cycle of creation and dissolution – outward movement and movement inward – and in the same way the simple act of breathing develops all beings, whose general nature is breathing.

This is because the breath OM̐ is always heard in the process of yogis chanting ajapa japa (automatic repetition of a sound that is heard only by the mind). This also applies at the cosmic level, the Cosmos inhales OM̐.

So living and breathing is a process of raising consciousness if the individual does nothing to counter that process, which we all do, slowing our progress and causing ourselves to become attached to the ongoing wheel of birth and death.

So it’s important to live in a way that allows this automatic development to progress and manifest. However, in time, a deep point of evolution was reached where the individual became able to consciously develop himself and thus accelerate the process of expressing his consciousness. He does this by consciously doing what he has been doing only unconsciously: linking the OM̐ repetition to his breath, combining it with the breath movement.

The original purpose of the original duality of breath and OM̐ was to allow us to descend into the realm of relativity and begin to develop in it until we can develop the capacity for boundless consciousness. Not only do they move us downward into material embodiment, they also begin to push us up on the evolutionary scale, so that we can eventually evolve or evolve to the point where we can finally share and truly participate in God’s infinity.

If not hindered, they will achieve this evolutionary movement. But in our current state, we always thwart their purpose, especially by keeping their actions bound and buried in the subconscious rather than arousing them into our conscious life, applying them and cooperating with them and thereby accelerating our growth. When the awareness of the breath is consciously cultivated, and the holy mantra OM̐ is incorporated into each breath, the two currents become united and oriented towards their original goal, which they later attain. In this way each breath and OM̐ intonation becomes one step forward and up on the path of spiritual evolution.

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