Relationship between Breath, Sound and OM̐ in Meditation

The abilities of the other four elements are all passive. The faculty of smell cannot produce odors, the faculty of taste cannot produce taste, etc., even though memory or imagination of smells is possible. Ether, on the other hand, has the capacity to produce and hear sounds on a mental level. The etheric ability to speak and hear what it is talking about, both active and passive. It is unique among its elements. Akasha himself has creative power, the power of sound.

Consciousness is the root of sound, and is innate in sound. Sound, then is a direct way of returning our awareness to the deepest level of our being and connecting us with consciousness itself. At the same time, sound governs all levels of our existence and has the ability to impart all of them with the highest spiritual awareness, to make every part of us spiritual.

OM̐, then, is energy and consciousness. Listen to the inner intonation of OM̐ during our japa and meditation immediately focus our awareness on the highest etheric level of our existence. It returns our consciousness to its source and collects and concentrates every other aspect of our being in spiritual consciousness. Through japa and meditation, Sounds Divine OM̐, permeated throughout our body and to correct, direct, and empower them to realize their full potential in a perfect and complete, which is the main purpose of our relative existence.

Through the practice of the OM̐ sound mantra, all aspects of our existence are brought to perfection and then reactivated to their Source in a state of absolute liberation. OM̐, then it covers all aspects of our existence. OM̐, through his chanting of mantras and meditation, completes all existence. When we inwardly chant OM̐ and are absorbed in that sound, by concentrating our awareness in the act of reciting OM̐ and listening to it, we become focused on Chidakasha , the consciousness which is our Self.

Various sacred texts tell us that OM̐ and breath arise directly from Chidakasha. For this reason in OM̐ meditation, one combines the intonation of OM̐ with the breath. Experiencing Chidakasha to a higher and greater level of meditation is the highest experience for a yogi. The more one meditates, the higher and higher and further and further one penetrates into infinite consciousness of which one is part of the eternal. The meditation process takes place within the Chidakasha, the seat of the Self-Soul which is the Chidakasha.

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