Ida and Pingala Nadis in modern psychology

Most people fluctuate according to the biological rhythm between the right and left hemispheres, between breaths in the left nostril and in the right nostril, between receptive attitudes and the emanation of acting and thinking.
Contemporary science studies these biological rhythms, although they do not fully understand their role and significance.

From a yoga perspective, this rhythmic (or non-rhythmic) alternation indicates an imbalance and that each of the two modes of acting govern the other.
The situation in which the two sides were equal and balanced was quite foreign to most people.

In keeping with the yoga tradition, when the two aspects are in balance, the person reaches a new level of experience that unites logic and intuition, transforms emotions and allows neural activity to increase.
One must understand very well the need for balance, for the state that accompanies this balance is actually a stronger and more pleasant experience.

Einstein proved that it is possible to use the two hemispheres equally and, moreover, is very important.
Once when he was contemplating about imaginative experiences, he suddenly had an intuition, which allowed him to penetrate the mysteries of the universe, a fact that points to the use of the right hemisphere, but he also used his left side to construct a theory of energy conversion, a theory that brought revolution in science. , replacing Newton’s old paradigm.

Einstein said: “Truth is intuition. First comes the thought, and I try to put it into words.”

Breath Controls the Brain

A study conducted by Raymond Klein and Roseanne Armitage of Dalhousie University, Department of Psychology proved that the performance of tasks characterized by the left, each right hemisphere oscillating at 90 minute intervals.

This interval completely corresponds to the fluctuation of the breath, thus confirming the yoga theory according to which there is a close relationship between breath and the cyclic activity of the brain.

In the case of disease, this cycle may become abnormal, and irregular from the point of view of rhythm, duration and quality. Our whole life depends on these rhythms, to a degree we cannot even imagine.

Yogis have diagnosed brain rhythm damage by direct examination of the rhythm of breathing through both nostrils. They maintain the idea that all parts of the body are closely related – a theory confirmed also by recent studies in this area.

During meditation, we have energy flows circulating through different parts of the body, and we also experience a more subtle level, developing special techniques that develop greater sensitivity and power of perception.
Consequently, this technique allows control over the pulse, brain and all physiological processes.

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